Thursday, May 27, 2010

God shocked the Doctor and nurses today!

I had my ultrasound today and the placenta has completely moved (which means I no longer need a c-section). This is extremely uncommon for how far along I am and that I had the complete placenta previa. I asked why I still had bleeding and the doctor wasn't sure; she said it could be due to the placenta moving. Since I had bleeding this morning they are still keeping me here in the hospital until Saturday. If I have more bleeding then they are going to induce me on Saturday (she wants to try and get me to 38 weeks; right now I am 37 weeks and 5 days). If I do not have any bleeding then I could wait until next week to be induced.

Round 2 in the Hospital

On Tuesday morning (the 25th) I had some spotting so I called the doctor but due to the color of the blood they were not to concerned. That afternoon (about 12:30pm) I started to have contractions which lasted all day and they ranged from being 7-15 minutes apart. I went to bed and was able to sleep a little bit, but not a whole lot.

On Wednesday when I woke up I had more spotting but now it was the color that they were concerned about. I called the doctor again and they wanted me to come in to get further monitoring. I arrived at the hospital at about 12:20pm. By 1:15pm they had decided to admit me and keep me over night. They put an IV in and started me on fluids due to not allowing me to eat just in case I started to bleed and needed an emergency c-section. By 5:00pm I received the okay to eat some food!!!

The whole afternoon and evening was pretty uneventful. I did continue to have contractions. In the afternoon there was a time frame when they were 5 minutes apart but they did slow down by evening.

This morning (Thursday the 27th) I woke up at 4:45am due to well I think all I need to say is "hospital bed". At 8:45 the nurse came in and said that I did need to be monitored for a bit again today and I said to just do it now. As she went to get the monitor I went for my potty break at which point I started to bleed. I called for Tom from the bathroom and he grabbed the first nurse he saw in the hallway. I was back in bed in no time with the monitor hooked up. The baby looks great and the bleeding slowed down/stopped.

As of right now all is good. I still have an ultrasound today and have to meet with the doctor yet so I am crossing my fingers to get some plans made or at least find out what the next step is.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Girl or Boy...that is the question.

This picture was taken at 37 weeks and 1 day (currently I am 37 weeks and 3 days).

This entire pregnancy I have thought this one was a girl. I have no idea why since my pregnancy "symptoms" are not any different than when I had Sawyer (meaning I am carrying the same, no morning sickness, etc.). Tom has thought it is a boy this entire time. (When I was pregnant with Sawyer we both thought boy.) On Sunday night I had a dream that I had a girl; I don't think Tom has had any dreams.

Now that we are getting close to the end I have actually been starting to think boy and Tom is starting to think girl. My mom has thought boy the entire time but is now switching to girl and my dad thinks it's a girl.

So what do you think?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

36 weeks and 5 days

This picture was taken on Saturday when I turned 36 weeks.

Today we had our follow up appointment in Madison. I went into today with anticipation of being given a new date of when my c-section would be. When we arrived at our appointment I went from one emotion to the next.

Tom and I sat down in the room and the nurse had said that the Doctor was wanting to do an Amniocentesis today. I had never heard of this so she explained it to us and then gave us literature explaining the entire procedure as well. She left the room to give us time to read the material and decide if we would like to go ahead with the procedure. (To briefly explain what it is - they insert a needle into my belly while being monitored by an ultrasound as to not poke the baby and withdraw about 2 Tbs of amniotic fluid. The fluid is then tested to see if the baby's lungs are fully developed.) The results only take 4-6 hours and if the lungs were developed they were wanting to schedule my c-section for tomorrow morning at 10:30am.

Emotion: Scared. Both Tom and I were rather nervous about the procedure especially after reading the risk involved (which are extremely low - less than 1% - but still risk). However, after thinking and talking it over we decided to go ahead with the procedure after feeling that the risk involved with this procedure are much lower than the risk involved if I were to start bleeding again.

Emotion: Unprepared. TOMORROW! A baby tomorrow - need I say more.

We then go into the ultrasound room where the tech first looks at the baby to make sure everything is still looking good (as in the baby and the amount of amniotic fluid). In the beginning the baby's head was down so she was not able to see the complete placenta previa. The highlight of the ultrasound was seeing the baby's face - his/her cheeks are huge!!! All three (Tom, myself and the tech) of us had a pretty good laugh. After she was done seeing everything she needed to look at she checked one more time to look at the complete placenta previa. She was able to but mentioned that it actually looked marginal/partial. She then left to get the doctor to go on with the Amniocentesis procedure.

Emotion: Seriously? Did my placenta really move? I just had an ultrasound 13 days ago and it was complete placenta previa. I have not mentally prepared myself for labor...what is going on?

The doctor comes into the room and proceeds to put her cover-up/gown on. She asked the tech to show her the placenta previa one more time. After seeing it she then takes off her mask, steps back and has a puzzled look on her face. She begins saying that it is so close to being considered marginal placenta previa. Then they opt to do a vaginal ultrasound to get a better reading. Once again she said it is right on the border of no longer being complete placenta previa and actually calls it marginal placenta previa. She then ask us if we would still like to go on with the procedure and take the baby if he/she is ready or come back next week and do another ultrasound.

Emotion: Confused. How is this possible? The chances of my placenta actually moving this late in the pregnancy are so low. Did this seriously just happen to me? I of all people believe in miracles and that my God is HUGE and can do ALL things - but I seriously just was not expecting this.

I then looked at Tom and asked him what he wanted to do. He then said, "You're the doctor what do you think." (I just thought this was really cute.) The doctor then decided to cancel the procedure and have be back next week.


I asked the doctor (just to make sure) if I was still on bed rest and she said "yes - exactly what you are doing now." I guess she also said (I say guess because I did not hear it but Tom heard her - that is why it's good to always bring someone with you to the doctor) that now my risk of bleeding is reduced; still a risk though.

My next appointment is a week from today at which point they will re-look at the placenta and if it's still marginal then schedule a c-section. I will not have to do the Amniocentesis procedure because at that point I will be 38 weeks.

Emotion: Who knows. Part of me is glad to hear we did not have to poke my belly with a needle. Part of me is bummed for another week of bed rest. Part of me is glad to hear the baby is doing great. Part of me knows the baby is fine and would rather just do the c-section now. Part of me knows that another week is best for the baby - the longer in the oven the better. I could keep this list going but will spare you from all my random thoughts :)

THANK YOU everyone for all of your prayers through this roller coaster ride.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'm Home!!!

First of all I would like to say THANK YOU for all of your prayers! The whole time I was in the hospital I was so at peace and I know it's because I was bathed in prayer.

This morning the doctor (Dr. Davidson) came in and gave the word that I could go home!!! I am still on bed rest but not complete bed rest. She referred to it as "couch potato" rest. Basically I have all the restrictions of bed rest just that I can get up and walk a little bit around the house. I can not leave Portage (I can not go farther than the distance is from my home to the hospital), no shopping, no housework, etc.

I am still have these restrictions because as the doctor and nurses were talking it's not "if" I start bleeding again it's "when" I start bleeding again. This was the term they used the whole time - when you start bleeding again. Since I have had my "first bleed" they say the "second bleed" is much worse. To be honest this does kind of scare me because I thought the "first bleed" was bad.

Once again THANK YOU for all your prayers but as you have read above I ask that you still continue to pray.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Photos from inside St. Mary's

Sawyer and I hanging out on Mother's Day. He bought me flowers and a Willow Tree ornament of a woman holding a house so that I can think of home while I am in the hospital!

Sawyer and daddy watching some TV.

My brother in-law (Ben), sister in-law (Holli) and nephew (Simon) came to see me on Monday.

On Tuesday my sister in-law (Amber) and my nephew and nieces (Treyton, Lexie & Audrey) came to visit me. Audrey and I had a nice time snuggling together.

Treyton and Sawyer colored some wonderful pictures for me to hang on my wall.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Keep on Counting!!!

24) On Mother's Day I had a wonderful afternoon (6 hours total) hanging out with my hubby and my son. They brought me flowers and a Willow Tree ornament of a woman holding a house; they picked that one so that I can think of home - it was really sweet.

25)On Monday I had two of my friends come visit me; Sarah and her son Calvin and Laci with her sons Connor and Emeric. I was blessed with an adorable homemade bag, lemon bars and a magazine all about "LOST".

26) Today (Tuesday) I spent the afternoon with lost of visitors which included my mom, Sawyer, Amber, Treyton, Lexie, Audrey, Aaron, Skye, Payton and Kerri. I even was blessed with a beautiful plant; thank you Kerri.

27) Yesterday I got my IV out!!!!

28) Looking forward to tonight when Tom will be spending the night here again with me (the past two nights he has gone home to be with Sawyer).

29) Last night had the best night of sleep yet while being here...felt really refreshed today.

30) My nephew, Treyton, colored a picture for me today and it's hanging on my wall along with another coloring from Sawyer. The pictures sure do brighten this room up a lot!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Saturday-Monday Update

On Saturday Sawyer, my mom, my dad, my sister and Ken all came to visit me! It was so great to see everyone. Then on Sunday (Mother's Day) Sawyer came to see me for the whole afternoon (6 hours)! He was so good which made me so proud considering that a hospital room is rather boring for a 22 month old. Then my old neighbor - Sharyl and Michelle - came to visit me as well. Today my friends came to visit me; Sarah with her son Calvin and Laci with her sons Connor and Emeric. Then my brother in-law (Tom's brother), sister in-law and nephew - Ben, Holli and Simon - came to visit me. Shortly after that Sawyer and Tom were here as well. I am so blessed to have the people in my life that I have - they are all so amazing!!! Tom has also been so amazing throughout all of this. He not only has been taking care of Sawyer for the last couple of days but has been taking care of me and staying at the hospital every chance he gets.

When my friend Sarah was here today we realized that I am in the same room she was when she had Calvin (who is 9 months older than Sawyer). We thought that was pretty cool. I thought it was funny though when she walked in and said "You do have the smallest room, this was my room as well". I am glad someone can now feel my pain in how small this room really is.

My day-to-day routine is getting pretty down pat. At 5:45am the nurse comes in to check my vitals (blood pressure, temperature and listen to the baby's heartbeat). Between 6:30-7:00am I order my breakfast and I am eating between 7:00 - 7:30am. After that the nurse is back in the room by 9:00am at which point I have my NST (non-stress test) done. That takes a total of 45 minutes (hooking up the monitors, monitoring the baby and then "disconnecting" me). I then have the nurse help me cover my IV before I get into the shower. Then I try to entertain myself by doing something. Then it's lunch with more self-entertaining - then supper with more self-entertaining then it's bedtime.

Today I was weighed and had blood taken so the vital taking process did take a bit longer this morning. I also was about to get my IV out today - HOORAY!!! The nurses here are great - they are very nice and accommodating.

Photo Updates

This is me leaving Divine Savior in Portage and heading to St. Mary's in Madison. The nurse is Anna (she used to be my neighbor) and the ambulance gentlemen were Richard (I think that was his name) and Jon; they were all super nice.

Settling into my new room. This is the room we were moved to Friday morning after being in the birthing suites Thursday night. The socks on my legs I have to wear all the time. Since I am on bed rest they are concerned about blood clots so they help with circulation.

I am allowed one 30 minute wheelchair ride a day. Sawyer and Tom were testing out the wheelchair to make sure it was safe before I got into it.

On Saturday I got to see Sawyer for the first time since the whole thing started. I was so excited to see him; but this is us saying good-bye to each other. He has been so great and understanding that I can't be there for him like I was before. I am so proud of him.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Blessings keep coming!

16) Yesterday I started feeling down and out and I was laying there a St. Mary's staff member walked in and gave me a stack of cards that people sent me - it was incredible!

17) Had family spend the afternoon with me yesterday. Sawyer, my mom and dad arrived at 2:00pm. It was so great seeing Sawyer again and to hear his laughter fill this room.

18) A surprise visit from my sister and Ken! They arrived around 5:00pm so we all had supper together.

19) I was allowed to take a wheelchair ride for 30 minutes. It was fun to walk the hallways with my family and see Sawyer run - he has the cutest run ever!

20) Slept pretty well last night - the best I have had since I have been here! I slept from 10:00 to 3:30; straight through! Then I was up at 5:45am - the morning before that was 5:30am.

21) I got breakfast in bed on Mother's Day; every mother's dream! ;)

22) I then had a lady come in and bring me fresh towels, took out my trash and mopped my floors - once again every mother's dream on Mother's Day!!!

23) My nurse brought me a Wonka chocolate bar for Mother's Day! It's called "Domed Dark Chocolate" it is velvety dark chocolate with milk chocolate medallions!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Counting my Blessings

Even though the situation is a huge bummer that we are in right now there is so much that we are thankful for. I decided I wanted to write them all down up to this point and share them with you.

1) The fact that we made it 34 1/2 weeks with complete placenta previa with no bleeding and no restrictions - that is really unheard of!

2) The decision that we made not to go on our St. Louis trip. Since the beginning of the year this was the weekend we were going to leave for St. Louis for our anniversary weekend and to take a little family vacation with Sawyer before his sibling is born. After our 28 week ultrasound with still having placenta previa we decided it was too risky to travel. If we would have continued with our trip; we would have been in St. Louis when I started to bleed.

3) The fact that I had a MOPS Steering Team meeting on Thursday is why I did not go to work in De Pere that day but rather went to work two days in a row (Tuesday and Wednesday).

4) Having a ST meeting at my house when it happened. I am so glad I was not alone with Sawyer when it happened. Instead Sawyer was peacefully napping at my mom's house and I was surrounded by 10 other mommy's that took care of me.

5) Thankful that my Dr was able to meet me at the hospital so quickly since she was not with clients but rather just doing paperwork.

6) Thankful that another Dr. that I trust was there until my regular Dr got there.

7) Thankful that the nurse in Portage who checked me in was my old neighbor.

8) Thankful that while I was on the stretcher in the ambulance on my way to Madison I was holding my cell phone and I would just smile every time it chimed at me - this meant that I received a text message. I knew it was people texting me letting me know they were praying for me.

9) Thankful that the bleeding did stop within 2 hours!!! The primary risk with placenta previa is that they can't stop the bleeding which - well bad things.

10) Thankful that the weather isn't the greatest right now - it doesn't make it as bad sitting inside.

11) Thankful that I no longer have to be "hooked" up to anything - much more comfortable.

12) Thankful that the baby is measuring two weeks ahead (according to the ultrasound done yesterday) and is estimated to weighing 7lbs 11oz right now. This helps me relax knowing that my baby will be born early and yet still be born at a normal weight.

13) Thankful for the flowers that were sent to me yesterday (from Sharyl and Mike) - they sure do brighten up this room on such gloomy days.

14) Thankful for all the facebook messages, phone calls, emails, etc. of everyone letting me know they are thinking of us and praying.

15) Thankful that Sawyer is in good hands and having such a great time with his grandparents - thank you MieMie/Gr-Ma and Papa.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Updates Continued

I believe we left off at me arriving at St. Mary's in Madison yesterday at 5:00pm. I was then brought to the birthing suites in the OB department. Here they continued pumping me with fluids due to them not wanting me to eat or drink anything just in case I had to go into c-section that night. I also had monitors on my belly so that they could keep watch in the baby. The remaining of the night was pretty uneventful. I had already stopped bleeding by the time I reached to Madison. The monitors around my belly were showing contractions and the nurses kept asking me if I was feeling them but I really didn't besides the fact that my stomach would harden up, but there was no pain. They kept watching these to make sure they continued to be braxton hicks instead of real contractions. If they were real contractions it would have been off to do the c-section.

At 5:00am today the nurse came into my room and said since the night went so well I was finally able to eat!!! She offered me me my first drink of anything; apple juice had never tasted so good. She then "disconnected". The baby monitors came off and the fluids were disconnected from my IV. They have kept the IV in just in case the bleeding does start again and I am sent right away to have the c-section. At 6:00am they moved us to our room for the week. They placed us right next to the nurses station so that we are real close so that they are better able to assist us just in case. At 6:30am I placed my breakfast order and by 7:00am (19 hours after the last time I ate anything) I was eating a huge breakfast!!! It was an omelet with cheese, ham and green peppers, hash browns, fresh pineapple, toast, glazed cinnamon roll and crangrape juice; yup I ate it all!!!

Tom then at about 8:00am to go back home to get my shower things, things for me to do and to see Sawyer. I then took the morning to try to get some rest. (I had only slept for about 2-3 hours last night due to my brain thinking too much, not comfortable and everything that I was hooked up to.) At 9:45am the nurse (Kerri) came in to get me to have my ultrasound done. The doctor wanted to make sure the baby was still looking good. The ultrasound did look good. They measured the baby, the amniotic fluid and looked over the placenta. The baby did measure two weeks ahead of my due date and weighed in at 7lbs 11oz. I was then wheeled back to my room holding a profile view of my baby's face. It sure did feel good seeing our precious little one and knowing that even if he/she came early that it weighed good!!!

I then tried to sleep some more but I was having braxton hicks so I just rested. I ordered my lunch and ate (Fettuccine Alfredo, corn, bread stick, chocolate cake and milk). Tom was back in the room with me by 1:30pm and we have been hanging out ever since! The nurse comes in about every 1 1/2 to 2 hours (sometimes longer) just to see how we are doing. Sometimes they check my blood pressure, temperature and listen to the baby's heart rate and then sometimes they flush my IV. All the nurses have been so great.

Once Tom did get back and I finished my lunch I took a shower!!! Man did that feel good! Since I am only allowed to get up for my one shower a day and to go potty I was so tempted to take an hour long shower because it felt so good just to stand. I resisted though and just did what I had to do and got back in bed. I am now in my own pj's, feeling refreshed and with a full belly. Tom ate at Famous Dave's for dinner and I ordered a grilled veggie sandwich, pasta, baked potato chips, apple pie and a root beer.

I think I am now going to start winding down for what I hope is a good night of sleep. Thanks again everyone for your prayers!

Update from the hospital

Hey Everyone,

The past 26 hours has been a journey I will never forget. It all started at my home yesterday afternoon. I was having a steering team meeting for MOPS at my house; so it was me along with 10 other ladies. I was sitting on the couch while we were having our closing prayer (current time 2:00-2:15pm). After prayer time it was time to eat some dessert and make an adorable craft! I walked to the kitchen to defrost the berries for the angel food cake and then realized that something was not feeling right. I decided I was sure it wasn't anything big so I finished what I was doing and then was just going to go to my bedroom to "freshen" up. As I turned around to walk out of the kitchen and through the living room I saw where I was sitting and then it hit me that it wasn't good.

Since we found out at (20 weeks) that I had placenta previa we were always told that the baby will be fine but that I definitely do not want to start bleeding. Yesterday I was at 34 weeks and 5 days. I have not yet been on much restrictions due to me feeling fine and no spotting; everything was going good. When I saw the blood on my couch all I could think about is; the worst thing that could happen with this "diagnosis" that I have is happening. I turned around to say something to the ladies and even though I don't remember exactly what I said it something along the lines of "I am not trying to freak anyone out but I'm bleeding". After I verbally said I immediately started to cry and walk to my room to change. I remember holding onto my dresser having a difficult time breathing and then remember how incredible all my mommy friends were. One helped me get a new pair of pants out, one was calling my mom, one was calling my husband, one was pulling up her car for me and then out the door I went. I later found out that they also cleaned my couch for me by putting the seat cover in the washer and it came out!!!

My friend Sarah was the one that took me to the ER. As we were in the car she just held my hand and was reassuring me that everything would be okay. I slowly started to relax and we even had a couple of laughs together in the car. The last laugh was because she dropped me off at the wrong door - although we didn't realize it until we walked in and saw that it was the Education Center instead of the ER; we laughed pretty good at that one.

After checking into the ER they took me to the OB where they started monitoring me and checking my vitals. The nurse that was assisting me was my old neighbor when we lived next to my parents; so that was really nice to have her. It was also really reassuring when I was still getting onto the bed and Dr. Blohm (my brother and sister-in-laws doctor) walked into the room. It's just always nice to see the face of a doctor that you know and trust. She was there in the room with me until my normal doctor got there (which didn't take long because she was at the hospital doing paperwork). Then Dr. Blohm asked me "Didn't I see you this morning walking; I was the one that passed you running?". Yup it was me walking with my mom. She was then also kind of glad she was there because she was able to see what placenta previa looked liked on an ultrasound screen, I guess she has been educating herself more on this type of situation and being to recognize it herself.

(Oh yeah by this point Tom has arrived to the hospital; he was at work.)

They ran a lab on me to make sure that there was no amniotic fluid along with the blood and there wasn't. This was a huge blessing because that meant I was not in labor and the baby was completely fine through all of this!!! Dr. Strabel then tried to look to see further where the blood was coming from but there was too much for her to be able to tell. I was then being shipped to Madison to the St. Mary's hospital by ambulance. At this point my mom was also at the hospital to drop off our camera and video camera just in case we were going to be become a family of four yesterday.

Once I got into the ambulance (Tom drove separately to the hospital so that we would have a vehicle in Madison for when we were discharged from the hospital to get home) the clock said 4:00pm - I am thinking I arrived at the Portage ER around 2:30pm. The gentlemen that took me to Madison were really nice (Jon and Richard - I think that was his name) - we had some pretty good laughs on the way. During our road trip I did actually almost fall asleep but then Jon asked "Are you feeling okay?" in a concerned voice and I said that I was but asked why he was wondering. He said my blood pressure was dropping and getting kind of low so he just cranked up my fluids some which did bring my blood pressure back up a bit. At the hospital I was 124/? and in the ambulance it dropped to 101/62; by the time we go to the hospital I was back up to 108/?.

That is how the past 26 hours started - stay tuned for your next update ;)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy 3 Years to Us!!!

The wedding scene! Those that stood on my side was my sister (Toni), my brother (Terry), my sister-in-law (Sandra), my brother (Tim), my sister-in-law (Amber), my niece (Emma), my nephew (Treyton) and my nephew (Trent). Those standing for Tom was his best friend (Jayson), his brother (Tony), his sister-in-law (Rachel), his brother (Ben), his sister-in-law (Holli) and his niece (Kaylee).

We are now Husband and Wife!!!!

The entire wedding party including the ushers (Nate, Jason, Joe and Shawn).

I just really like this picture because I remember how hard it was for my brother (Terry) to actually "bow" to me. Good Times!

Our parents...we love them so much!

This is my friend Jenna and her husband Dave (at the time they were engaged and then got married in October). She was my personal attendant and sang at our wedding. They are incredible!

Leaving the church and on our way to the PARTY!

Our reception was at the Kestrel Ridge in Columbus so of course Tom just had to hit a couple of golf balls.

It's moments like these that I cherish forever!!!

To my AMAZING Husband - Tom:
Honey these past three years have been unbelievable. Granted we have had our bumps along the way (seriously though what marriage hasn't), but it's because of those bumps that have brought us where we are today. There is a song that says "I thoguht I loved you then" and oh how much truth is in that song. The day I said "yes" to be your fiance to the day I said "I Do" and then to the day we had our first child - my love for you just keeps growing. You have been my rock! I know I don't tell you enough just how much you mean to me but I honestly don't know where I would be without you in my life. You are always there for me. You know exactly what I need and when I need it. Thank you so much for caring, providing, protecting and loving me! We have been through so much together already just in the past three years and to think how much my love for you has grown I just can't wait to see where our love will be on our 50th!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

34 Weeks

Today we had our 34 week check-up for the baby. Everything is looking good! The baby's heart rate was between 15-160 beats/minute. I am also still measuring three weeks ahead; measuring at 37 weeks (no wonder I feel absolutely huge). Today we talked about how the c-section will go. She just explained to us who was going to be in the room and the whole procedure. I think both of us had a lot of our questions answered which felt really good.

It is strange to think that we for sure will have our child enter into our lives in 32 days - June 4th!!! With Sawyer going naturally we didn't know the exact date (obviously) of when he was coming, but with this one we do. It sure does help making sure everything is ready for the big day.