Saturday, March 29, 2014

Mary Poppins

Today my Mom took us all on a Schoessow Girl's Day Out! She took us to The Fireside to see the musical "Mary Poppins"!

My Mom picked me up and then we picked up Sandra, Emma, Ava and Brenna. I sat in the back of the van with the girls so that I could finally see the movie "Frozen"; I was pretty excited! Toni, Amber, Lexie and Audrey meet us at The Fireside. We all enjoyed a delicious lunch! There was so much food that most of the girls were full after their starter plate full of fruit. Brenna however still had room for her ice cream sundae and Emma's! Aunt Toni saved the day with Audrey and was able to convince her to eat some food; she was not feeling the greatest. I just had to show off my scrumptious cheesecake to Tom!

We all enjoyed the watching the musical and it sure was fun to watch the faces of the girls while they watched. I had a fabulous time enjoying some girl time with my nieces!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sawyer's 1st Lost Tooth

Sawyer's tooth has been loose for a while and the anticipation of loosing it was really getting Sawyer excited. This morning before school he showed us just how loose his tooth was and Tom and I couldn't believe it! Tom decided to try and get it out himself but after tugging just a bit he just didn't think it was quite ready.

Once Sawyer came home from school he immediately asked for an apple to eat so that his tooth would fall out. I gave him an apple and after a couple of bites he was starting to get concerned if he would accidentally swallow it. I assured him that he probably wouldn't and if he did it would be okay. Then a couple of more bites he yelled, "MOM LOOK!" and there he was holding up his tooth with a HUGE smile on his face! He told me that he just took a bit of apple and then just pulled it out himself; he was super proud!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Break visiting the Hilger's Family

Tom was able to get vacation the same week as Sawyer's spring break so we decided to head on down to Southern IL and visit our friends the Hilger's! We were so excited to finally be able to meet our new "nieces"! We headed out on Sunday right after church and the boys did great traveling in the car. We stayed in Effingham, IL and before we got to the hotel we stopped at Joe's Pizzeria to grab some dinner to eat at the hotel. The boys thought it was pretty cool to watch some cartoons in bed right before bedtime! (Tom and I also thought it was pretty cool that all 3 boys were quiet for a split second!)

The next morning we headed out to Salem, IL to see all our new friends! Sawyer just could not get enough of Baby Kinley! He was so sweet and caring every time she cried or even let out a little squeak. We had a great day just sitting back, relaxing, enjoying meals together and the kids having fun together.

On Tuesday we decided to enjoy the pool at the hotel. The Hilger girls came up to our hotel and spent the day with us there. The kids LOVED swimming together; well except Mason he didn't really enjoy the pool thing and Baby Kinley played a little bit in the pool but otherwise enjoyed napping on the side.

After the pool we had a little picnic lunch in the hotel room and then headed off to the park! It was a little bit chilly but the kiddos didn't seem to mind at all. They loved the jungle gym, the bubbles and flying a kite! After the extremely cold winter we had we really didn't care about the chill we were just excited that we were able to actually be outside!

After the park we headed off to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. I think the pool and the park really pooped Carter out; he missed the entire dinner! The kids enjoyed coloring and of course "Boys will be Boys" for they discovered the arcade hunting game right away. They were entertained with it even without us putting any money in it!

Our last day together was spent just hanging out at their home again. We made sure to get some picture of Jenna and I with all our children! We are still in a bit of shock that we now have 6 children, 3 boys and 3 girls, all under the age of 5 1/2 years old! We did have to make one more stop together before we left for ICE CREAM! Jenna's sister and niece, Lauryn and Selah, even joined us!

On our way home today the boys did pretty good on the drive home. Sawyer was pretty busy with his projects, Mason got his binoculars out to watch for trucks and campers, and Carter is Carter like always! Right before we got to our exit we even spotted Papa's truck from work!

It was a FABULOUS vacation! Thank You Dave, Jenna, Sage, Ryleigh and Kinley for the wonderful time!