Saturday, August 13, 2011

D5 #5

We decided to have a low key D5 day. We really didn't do much of anything except for just hanging out at home; it was really nice. I am reminded of a story that my mom tells us about how when we were younger she always planned all these activities for us to do on the weekends until one day my brother Terry asked her if we could just stay home. So many times we get caught up in the activities and forget the importance of just being together.

It did rain that day so we sat in the garage and watched it and then realized all the great puddles! The neighbor kids also joined in on the fun.

Tom took advantage of the soft ground after the rain and was pulling out the weeds in the sidewalk cracks. Mason noticed what he was doing and if you notice you will see a bare spot next to Mason; that is where he copied daddy in pulling out the grass by the handfuls!

At the end of the day we did get a little stir crazy and ventured out to Culver's to use some of our free scoop token and enjoy a little custard!!!