Monday, April 30, 2012

Spring Unit

Sawyer and I playing a spring themed game together.
Sawyer and Mason making birdfeeders out of pinecones!
Sawyer completing patterns.
Focus Books: "The Rain Came Down" by: David Shannon "Raindrops A Shower of Colors" by: Chieu Anh Urban "Raindrop, Plop!" by: Wendy CHeyette Lewison "Let's Count the Raindrops" by: Fumi Kosaka

Friday, April 27, 2012

D5 #13

Happy 1 year anniversary D5 day!!!! I am so glad that we decided to commit to this idea; it has been incredible making tons of memories together as a family. Today was a very exciting day! Tom and I first headed off to Fox Lake, WI (Thank you Mie Mie and Papa for watching the boys!) to buy a camper we found on Once we brought it home we had a ton of fun setting it up and showing the boys are new summer home! The boys fell in love with the camper right away. While Mason and Carter took a nap, Daddy cleaned the garage to make room and I scrubbed down the inside of the camper with Sawyer.
After taking the camper back down and in the garage; we kicked off our upcoming yummy summer meals with grilling brats, sweet potatoes and red potatoes. We then headed to Culver's to finish off with a yummy dessert! Our next project of the day was to hang up our Deich Growth Chart! A friend of mine, Lori Cox, personally made it for us and we LOVE it! Today Daddy measured at 5'11", Mommy at 5'9 1/2", Sawyer was 3'5 1/2", Mason was 2'10" and Carter at 2'1".

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Carter is 3 months old!

Your first official tummy time! ~ 03.25.12
He have to keep socks on your hands so that you stop scratching yourself ~ 04.21.12
I am ready to go for a ride Aunt Toni ~ 04.22.12

Friday, April 13, 2012

Mason's 1st Haircut!

Today we went to Vibe Salon & Spa for haircut day (Mason, Sawyer and I)! Before we left we took of couple of "before" pictures. I really just wanted to get one last picture of Mason's awesome curls!

Sawyer said that I was to get my haircut first; so I did. Thank you Mie Mie for coming along and entertaining all three boys while I was in the chair! Sawyer then said it was Mason's turn. Sawyer and Carter did a great job being patient and watching Mason get his 1st haircut.

Mason did an awesome job at sitting still. For the first half of the haircut he didn't even move a finger - literally!

I think with Mason's haircut he went from being 22 1/2 month old to a 3 year old!

Then it was Sawyer's turn; he got a haircut to look like Daddy!

It was a great experience and now we are all ready for the warmer weather!!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Everyone! I LOVE Easter!!! I love taking this time to reflect and remember once again what Jesus did for me!

Tom and I feel so blessed to live on Grove Street. I really don't know of another place where neighbors look our for each other this much. Every year the Groove Street Easter Bunny comes around and leaves eggs for everyone. (The Groove Street Easter Bunny still has not said he/she is.) This year Sawyer asked me: "Where did the eggs come from?" Me: "I don't know." (Then pausing hoping he would answer his own question because I wanted to know what he thought.) Sawyer: "I think they are from the chickens!" Can't get nothing past this kid!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Unit

I LOVE Easter! I love what it's about and what happened that Glorious day 2012 years ago! I really don't think there is any greater joy than teaching your children about God and Jesus! It is an unbelievable feeling that comes over you when you realize that they are beginning to understand. Through this unit I talked to Sawyer a lot about what happened that day and this is the conversation I just had with him:

Me: "What is Easter about?"
Sawyer: "Jesus"
Me: "What about Jesus"
Sawyer: "He rose from the dead"
Me: "How did Jesus die?"
Sawyer: "They put Him on the cross"
Me: "Why did he die?"
Sawyer: "For our sins"
Me: "Where is Jesus now?"
Sawyer: "Up to Heaven"
Me: "How did he get to Heaven"
Sawyer: "With Balloons!"
Me: "Who is Jesus in Heaven with?"
Sawyer: "Sitting next to his Daddy!"

Mie Mie and Papa came over to make eggs with us. This year we took material and decoupaged it onto the eggs. It was a lot of fun! Mason had fun doing a lot of supervising!

Of course Sawyer had to put a John Deere on his egg!

The eggs had to dry overnight so we took our picture with our completed eggs the following day.

Sawyer made a palm tree leaf for Palm Sunday!

We also made Jell-O eggs but they didn't really turn out. They fell apart when I took them out of the mold; they still tasted delicious though!


Focus Books:
The Bible!
"What is Easter" by: Michelle Medlock Adams