Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sawyer's 1st birthday party and dedication!

Sawyer balancing on the back of the bench...YIKES!

Sawyer getting dedicated!

Sawyer's cake table! The basketball is Sawyer's cake, the football/field for the guest and daddy really wanted the baseball cupcakes.

Sawyer opening up presents.

Mommy...this cake sure was yummy!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sawyer 1 year check-up

Sawyer had is 1 year check-up today. Everything went well (minus the two shots). He sure did entertain the entire clinic with his talking, walking, and Sawyer just being Sawyer! He is now 31 1/4" tall and weighs 24 lbs 1 oz!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

First Steps

Sawyer took his first two steps this evening!!!!

I was in the kitchen putting my pizza on the piazza (sp?) and Sawyer was standing holding onto my legs. He then let go and lead against the cupboards. I looked down to make sure he had his balance and then took a side step to move to the sink to throw away garbage underneath. When I relooked at him he had a look in his eyes that said "I want you mommy". So I took another step back and just reached down my hand. He then reached towards me and put his left foot forward and then his right foot! He fell down after that.

I was pretty excited so we called daddy at work right away!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Birthday Weekend

On the 4th of July Sawyer decided to get a little adventerous. He climbed up on his bench and then sat on the back of it...I held my breathe the whole time. He has excellent balance though and he never fell.

I just couldn't help it. He makes some of the greatest faces while doing his "business".

On his birthday GramMie came over and surprised him with ice cream! We took the lid off the container and while I had my back turned to get the bowls out he reached down and dug right in. This is one of the first pictures we the end him and GramMie were a lot more messy.

Daddy had to work on Sawyer's birthday. So after daddy left for work Sawyer and I had lunch at Aspen (were I used to work) and then we made cookies. We then visited daddy on his supper break and shared the cookies with him and the rest of his co-workers. We had a lot of FUN!

Papa decided that it would be a "good" idea to take Sawyer for a bike ride on his birthday. When the helmet was extremely heavy and this is actually the only picture we got of him holding his head up; otherwise his head was resting on the windshield. He hated the helmet and started to scream. We took the helmet off and then him and Papa coasted/walked the motorcycle down the driveway while it was turned off.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday!!!!

This was Sawyer this morning opening up one of his presents. It was the Little People Farm set. He loved it!

Sawyer eating the waffles we made him for breakfast. First time eating waffles and he loved it! When daddy was going to put a little bit of syrup (I know the picture shows a lot of syrup and that is because there was a came out faster than what daddy was thinking) he tried drinking out of the syrup bottle.

This is Sawyer still in his PJ's waiting patiently for mommy and daddy to finish making his waffles.

This is Sawyer sleeping in this morning. I could have cried here but I held it in. I just remember laying him in his crib on July 4th when we got home from the hospital and he had so much room when laid down this way. Now...he is all scrunched up and his feet hanging out of the bars.

This was on Tuesday...he got his first haircut! He did so well. Sat all by himself in the chair and sat so still for Brenda. Thank you Brenda and Vibe Salon...YOU ROCK!