Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

My amazing friend, Laci Jamison, sent us a cupcake mix, cupcake holders and cupcake decorations! We finally got to making them today and they were DELICIOUS! Thank You Laci for providing a fun day in the kitchen together!

Mason's Snow Unit

Mason has been learning about snow. He did awesome at putting together the little 4 piece puzzle but Daddy had to help him a bit with putting the puzzle 1-10 in order. He is still having a bit of difficulty identifying colors when you ask him "What color is this?" but he can definitely match them! Daddy also thought what better way to learn about snow than to remove it! The boys had a lot of fun working outside with Daddy digging us out.

We also let Sawyer in on our schoolwork. Together we played a snow dice game and identifying a snowflake with our 5 senses. He also did really good at his tracing!