Monday, October 31, 2011

Mason's 1st Haircut!

We were over at Mie Mie and Papa's house and Sawyer got another haircut. After his haircut Mie Mie and I decided that Mason needed to get his hair trimmed up in the front so that it wouldn't be in his eyes anymore. The amount of hair that was cut off was very little so maybe it will just be considered his first hair trim!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Mason's Big Boy Bed!

Mason has now graduated to a big boy bed! Eventually we want to get bunk beds for the boys to create more space in their room. We have a feeling though that one of them will try to fly off the top so we got Mason a toddler bed until they are both a little bit older. I took Mie Mie and Mason to Madison (Target) to get Mason his new mattress, sheets, pillow and bedspread. Daddy took Sawyer to Wal-Mart to get the toddler bed and put it together.

Sawyer and Mason making sure the bed is jumpable! Mason is also showing off is new winter hat!

We laid both boys down at the same time. Mason is looking over at Sawyer while we were praying; I think he was trying to figure out why he was in Sawyer's room.

Tom and I could not get over how smooth the entire night/transition went! It was beyond our expectations. The next two pictures are proof that they both fell right to sleep in their own bed.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pumpkin Unit

What a fun unit! I think we all liked this because of how many hands on things we did regarding pumpkins (see also post on D5 #7). Sawyer learned about pumpkins and the letter "P". We discovered that other words that also start with "P"; pumpkin, pineapple, pink, purple, Papa, pee, poop and push (what he says he needs to go #2). As you probably already have figured out Daddy helped us think of words that start with "P".

This time around I laminated his paperwork so that he could practice tracing a lot more. He really thought it was pretty cool to be able to use a marker and then just wipe it up.

This school activity is from Melissa and Doug. Each wood block has a picture and then letter cut outs on it that spell the word of the picture. Sawyer then had to find the letters that matched; he did a great job!

This is us doing our marble pumpkin painting. It was hard to tell who had more fun Daddy or Sawyer.

Sawyer and Mason then colored wooden stakes in the shape of a pumpkin that are now in our plant! I just love how much Mason concentrates when he does something new.

We invited Mie Mie over to do a special project with Sawyer. Together they made pumpkin pies!!! Sawyer did an awesome job; he even cracked open the eggs!!!

Focus Books:
"P is for Pumpkin - God's Harvest Alphabet" by Kathy-jo Wargin
"How many seeds in a pumpkin?" by Margaret McNamara
"Pumpkin Cat" by Anne Mortimer
"It's Pumpkin Time!" by Zoe Hall (I wasn't really thrilled about this book just due to the expectation of thinking it was going to be all about Pumpkins but it had more of a Halloween theme to it.)


Saturday, October 8, 2011

D5 #7

Today we went to Treinan Farms! This year we conquered the corn maze in 36 minutes with Sawyer leading the way and with Mommy bringing up the end while pushing Mason in the stroller. As you can see though from the pictures half way through the boys really started to give out on us. Sawyer complained of his toe hurting and wanting a snack; so up on Daddy's shoulders he went. Then Mason - we don't really know what went wrong. Daddy and Sawyer had fun going down the slides and playing in the tractor tires while Mason stayed in the stroller still not sure what was bothering him.

We then headed to a home that Daddy passes everyday coming to and from work that advertised Pumpkins for $3. We could not believe all the pumpkins they had and how big they were. They also had little ones for only $0.50 (you can't beat that price!).

At home we cut up one of the big pumpkins and baked it off so that we can make pumpkin pies tomorrow with Mie Mie (part of our Pumpkin Unit for school). Sawyer didn't really like separating the seeds from the "slim" he complained of them being wet so he just watched. (Even though picture does not show his enthusiasm he really did enjoy cutting up the pumpkins. We actually had to keep telling him to get off the counter because he wanted to be that close to the action but we didn't want him that close to the knife.)

Daddy and Sawyer then took the biggest pumpkin and carved a funny face in it.