Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Good Bye Dryer!

Typically laundry day is on Sunday but look at what I got today!!! I just had to do a load today (Tuesday). The picture looks like it's a small load but really there are a lot of small things behind it all; it was a full load. ;)

Monday, May 30, 2011

Mason turned 1!!!

What an exciting day! Our Baby Mason turned 1 year old! I think I am still in shock that he is 1 but is awestruck by how much he has grown up.

This morning I snuck into his room and just had to take a picture of my baby sleeping one last time. Apparently he took off his pants in the middle of the night.

Sawyer and I made a special breakfast for Mason this morning. When we were done we woke up Daddy and then we all went into Mason's room to say Good Morning and Happy Birthday. It was already 7:30am so we figured he was just playing in his crib. We actually woke the poor guy up. Typically when you wake Mason up he is happy right away; not today the old age must be settling in already. We had to stand up him to which he then put his head against the crib, slid back down and buried his head into the blankets.

Breakfast consisted of pancakes and an apple topping. Mason does a rather impressive two fisted feeding.

It was time for him to open his present. Sawyer, being the Big Brother that he is, insisted that he helped. So he made sure to take every single piece of paper away from Mason that he ripped to throw into the garbage.

Thank You Mom and Dad for my Hot Wheels table and chairs!!!

Mie Mie and Papa then came over and gave him a John Deere tractor that looks just like Mie Mie's lawn mower and a huge box of Lincoln Logs.

For dinner we had Grandma Annie, Mie Mie, Papa, Uncle Ben, Aunt Holli and Simon over. We grilled out and had chicken, red potatoes, sweet potatoes, asparagus and fruit. The best was the chocolate birthday cake!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

D5 #2

Even though this was only our second family fun day we already had to change the name to D5 instead of D4! This D5 was more relaxed than the first but we still loved spending the day together.

The day before we found out that Sawyer has food allergies so we thought it would be a good idea to "pig out". We ate lunch at HuHot (Mongolian Grill restaurant). Tom and I were very impressed with how well Sawyer did with his chop sticks! Then there is Mason eating little pieces of rice; it just doesn't get any cuter than that!

After we ate I would to Woodman's grocery store with Mason to buy some food that Sawyer can now eat with his food allergies. While we were shopping Tom and Sawyer went to Golf Galaxy just to do some window shopping.

We then headed back home to relax playing outside. Sawyer came up with this idea completely on his own; we just had to capture it. He put a bungee cord on his car and called it his car seat. Seriously, how genius is that! He even put it on the same side the door opens. That night we broke the D5 rules a little bit and hung out with our neighbors at a bomb fire; we had a blast!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Spring Fling

Mie Mie and Papa had their Annual Spring Fling once again this year; however, this year they made it into a Carnival themed party! We had so much fun and really did not want the day to end.

There was lots of food that you would find at a Carnival to eat. Here you see Sawyer eating with Brenna, Ava and Lexie.

You can never go to Papa's house without a 4-wheeler ride. Mason absolutely loves the 4-wheeler; I think he would be perfectly content riding all day long.

There was a pinata and I was highly impressed with how well Sawyer swung the bat. Last year we couldn't get him to swing the bat but this year was completely different.

There was a huge variety of carnival games that included ring toss, 3-legged race, sack race, cookie walk, relay races, and so much more. Here you see Sawyer and Daddy fishing. (If you look closely you can see that Daddy had his face painted into a Tiger.)

"Katie" came and did face paintings. She was really good!

Mason holding onto the peanuts we got (one of the many prizes we came home with).

Monday, May 16, 2011

New Front Yard

As you know last fall we took down the six trees in our front yard; that was step one of the new front yard look.

Step Two: Removing the tree stumps. We all loved watching them being removed for two reasons; one - knowing the trees were finally gone and two - it was very interesting how he grinded our stumps down. (April 24, 2011)

Step Three: We also noticed that a good portion of our grass was not growing in our front yard so we decided to rototill it all up and start over. Step Four: Bringing in new top soil. Sawyer LOVED playing in the huge pile of dirt that sat in our driveway. (April 29th, 2011)

Step Five: We not only topped the whole front yard off with top soil but also made it level. We had some low point in the yard and we wanted it all even.

Step Six: Planting our Trent tree. When my nephew went to be with Jesus the place I used to work for before having kids gave me money so that we could plant a tree in honor of him. We never had a spot to plant a tree until now! We planted a Magnolia tree; now every time I look outside I smile because I think of my nephew Trent and all the great memories that he brought to our family. We even have some money left over so I think there will be another Trent tree planted in our backyard; I can't wait!

Step Seven: Enjoying the beauty! This is what our yard is looking like now. The grass is growing and Trent's tree is blooming!!! (May 15th, 2011)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

What a Day!!!

Yesterday was definitely one of those days that you will never forget. Several things happened that made the day really special so I will just explain each thing in the order of events that they happened.

We were invited to celebrate Maia's 17th birthday! We had the amazing experience of going to see the Brewers at Miller Park play against the Pirates in the Luxury Suite! It was so much fun and the food was unbelievable!

When we were driving down to Milwaukee (we carpooled with my parents) Sawyer kept asking where we were going and we told him that we were going to watch a baseball game. Granted for the most part of the day he just ran around with his cousins we did catch him watching the game a few times.

Sawyer gave the first piece of cake to the birthday girl. Happy Birthday Maia!

Papa and Mason

Then Bernie himself came to our suite to see us! The kids got to have their baseballs signed by him and have their picture taken with him as well; it was pretty exciting.

Our second major event of the day was that Mason took his first step at Miller Park!!! He was standing by the little table and took his first step to Mie Mie. I had just turned around to look at him when he took his first step. At first I questioned to myself what I saw but then when I saw Mie Mie's face I knew that what I saw was true! We are very proud of you Mason!!! (This picture was taken during our attempts to get him to walk again.)

Our third major event of the day took place after we came home. I took a pregnancy test and it was positive!!! Our third precious gift is expected to arrive January 20th, 2012!