Saturday, June 23, 2012

Precious Moments

I am not going to lie; being a Mom is not easy. When moments like these come along I cherish them because it helps me get through the moments that are rough.

Carter decided to take a little snooze while watching us play outside. (06.04.12)

Sawyer wanted to read his Bible before he took his nap. (06.06.12)

This may look like a horrible picture of Mason but it melts this Mom's heart. There is something so precious about the first things in the morning when everyone is waking up. (06.10.12)

An empty box is never boring! (06.22.12)

Mason cleaning up the mess that he made. (06.22.12)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Carter 5 Months

06.15.12 In the Bumbo for the first time but ended up taking it back because your thighs were too big and would get stuck!

Devils Lake Campground & D5 #15

This month we made our D5 day into a D5 camping trip! We left for camping at Devils Lake Campground in Baraboo, WI on the 18th and stayed until this morning. Our campsite was #100; we didn't really enjoy our site. It was close to the bathrooms but it had no shade and was right next to the dumpsters. That did not stop us from having a great time though in the extremely hot weather. On the first day of arriving we just set-up camp, played some games and ate our gooey ice cream cone treat that we cooked over the fire.
On day two we headed start for the coffee shop in Baraboo called Coffee Bean Connections; let's just say that the boys were up when the sun came up and Daddy and Mommy needed a little extra help! Right across the street from the coffee shop was a little park (Nanny Park) so while the parents worked on their jumpstart the boys worked on burning off all their energy. We then headed down to check out the lake and then is when we learned the lake was not safe to swim due to some bacteria. It was still nice to go down by the lake though because there were trees! Our campsite had no shade at all and with the sun beating down on us it sure was nice to get a little break from the extreme heat. We also discovered that Baraboo has a splash pad that you can go to for free! We ended up going there every day to cool down. In the loop that we were camping at they did have a little play set so that was nice to take the boys to and entertain for a while; even Carter joined in on going down the slide!
The third day we were there MieMie came up for the day to join in on the camping fun. We decided to take a little hike just to the spot where Tom proposed to me. We kept hiking and then realized we missed the spot but we did hike all the way to the top! We couldn't believe how well the boys did for the little legs they have and the heat. After enjoying the view we turned around and heading back down to then find the spot. MieMie hid in the trees just like she did on that special day and took a family picture of us. On the way back we got our first camping injury. To cool down from the hike we headed back to the splash pad where Papa meet up with us as well!
On the fourth day we walked along the lake with the boys while Tom and I enjoyed our coffee. It was a really nice walk Sawyer even did some rock climbing all by himself. We then packed up the boys and took them to Parfrey's Glen. Tom and I have never been here before and learned from some other locals that since the 2008 flood it was not the same. We highly enjoyed it there and still thought it was absolutely beautiful! There used to be a walkway all the way to the end where the waterfall was but the flood took it out. We then had to climb over huge boulders and literally hike back in there. Tom and I were so impressed with the boys; I think they really enjoyed the extra adventure.
Did I mention how hot is was this week?! We still had a blast and highly enjoyed our family time we had together!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to the most amazing Dad Sawyer, Mason and Carter could ever have! The boys absolutely love their Daddy and you can tell because as soon as he walks in the door all of them are just glued to him! We tried to get a nice picture of all them together but you can see how well that went! The boys then got Daddy the "Find It - Outdoors". Now we will have one to take camping with us. WE LOVE YOU DADDY! Sawyer, Mason & Carter

Summer Haircuts

With the summer months upon us we decided to cut the boys hair. It was a little hard to see their beautiful hair go but we just know with the summer fun and camping trips coming soon they will be much cooler this way.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sawyer 4th & Mason's 2nd B-Day Party

Today we celebrate Mason turning 2 and Sawyer soon to be turning 4! Sawyer has always loved Monster Trucks but after Aunt Toni took him to a Monster Truck Rally this year there was no changing his mind into having a Monster Truck Party! This year we also did something special; we asked for no gifts and instead bring food to fill the Monster Truck tire for our local food pantry! We made sure to start the party off with eating lunch and digging into the birthday cake! We had to make sure everyone had enough fuel to play the games. Our first game was a relay race where when you had to be a Monster Truck tire run down to the other end and smash a water balloon! After the relay we used the extra water balloons for a good 'ol fashioned water balloon fight! After the organized games the kids had fun visiting the Body Shop where Uncle Tim would give you an awesome Monster Truck body art! There was also a great adventure in finding a snake on our sidewalk; good thing Grandma Annie was there to rescue us all from it! There was some rain today but that did not stop the kids from having fun; every Monster Truck needs to be washed! Even though we the rules were no gifts; Mie Mie and Papa still snuck in a little gift for the boys. They then opened up the gifts from them and from Dave & Jenna. The day was a blast and sure did wear us all out including the birthday boy himself.

Friday, June 15, 2012

D5 Picture Day!

Today we decided to update our family picture! We grabbed our professional photoghaper (MieMie) and headed off to Pauquette Park. It was a hot day but the boys did so well; we got a a lot of good pictures and some to show how our lives really are! Thank You MieMie for capturing our special moments together. Sawyer = two weeks shy of 4 years old, Mason = 2 years & 2 weeks old, Carter = 1 week shy of 5 months old.