Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day Five

Yesterday came by way to fast and it was time for us to begin our travels back home. However, there was an exciting moment right before we left. Mason looked at me and gave me the biggest smile ever!!! (This was his first smile at us without it being him smiling in his smile or a "gas" smile.)

We stopped in Springfield, IL to visit the historic sites of President Lincoln. This is Mason and I standing at the doorstep of his home!

Side view of Pres. Lincoln's home.

President Lincoln's burial site.

We made it home and found a special welcome home gift from my parents! Thank you Papa and Mie Mie for watching our house while we were away - and for letting us take yoru minivan!!!

Day Four

On Thursday we went to Grant's Farm. Here you were able to see Pres. Grant's cottage that he built when he first got the land. This is also the place where they film the commercials for Budweiser with the Clydesedale horses.

Sawyer, myself and Mason by the sign for Grant's Farm.

Tom feeding the goats.

Trying to figure out which is easier - letting Sawyer out of the stroller to pick him to see then horses and then strapping him back in or just picking up the stroller ;)

Mason, Tom and Sawyer inside the horse barn.

We then went just down the road a little bit to see the home of President Grant.

Day Three

We headed out to the St. Louis Zoo were Dave and Jenna joined us; it was hot but still a lot of fun!

There were four hippos! Sawyer liked them until they got into the water and swam up next to him; Tom and I thought it was pretty cool though!

Sawyer wondering how Papa got behind that glass ;)

Checking out the turtles. Some of them were eating and soem of them were sitting in the mud.

Tom and Sawyer watching the otter swim in the water.

We then left the zoo and headed to Salem, IL to see our friends new home. It had been 16 months since we had seen them last; it sure was nice hanging out with them. (Mason, Dave, Jenna & Sawyer)

Day Two

On Tuesday we went to The Magic House Children's Museum in St. Louis, MO. This place was so much FUN! We highly recommend it; not only did it entertain Sawyer but it also entertained Tom and I!!!

This is the one picture of Sawyer not screaming/crying during this. I sure had fun though!

Tom as President Sawyer's right hand man!

There was even a little section for babies to 24 months. Mason weighed in at 11lbs 5 ounces!

Tom and Sawyer at the constuction site working on the plumbing!

On our way back to the hotel we stopped at the Arch! We didn't stay long though because it was extremely HOT. We did manage to be there long enough to buy some kettle corn at the gift shop!!!

It was back to our "home" to do some swimming; well for Tom and Sawyer - Mason and I were the pool side supervisors!

Day One

On Monday we left for vacation! We had such a blast! It felt great to just get a way and explore together as a family.

Our first stop was Dixon, IL. Here we saw John Deere's blacksmith shop and his home.

We then drove by Pres. Ronald Reagan's home.

Then it was off to Moline, IL to the John Deere Pavilion. They had past and present tractors on display that the kids (and adults) were able to climb up into. Sawyer (and Tom) loved it!!! The whole time we were there the only word we heard Sawyer saw was "tractor".

Here are our boys as farmers!

After we were done at the John Deere Pavilion we went to the John Deere Headquarters. There were just more tractors to be played on; it sure is hard to tell who had more fun - Tom or Sawyer.

Then we traveled on to our "home" for the rest of the week in Collinsville, IL.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Sawyer's B-Day Party

On Sunday (June 27th) we celebrated Sawyer's golden birthday; he turend 2 years old!

When we first put Sawyer's cupcake in front of him he touched his candle. I tried making him more comfortable by him sitting on my lap but it didn't work. He ended up taking one bite of his cupcake and that was it. Poor Guy.

We brought out the bounce house for Sawyer and his cousins; they had a blast!

Sawyer eating tacos with his cousins Ava (top left), Alexa (bottom left) and Treyton (bottom right).

After the presents were open the kids (once again) enjoyed playing with the empty boxes! (Top left is Kennedy, bottom left is Sawyer, middle is Ava, top right is Emma and bottom right is Treyton.)

Sawyer's Words

Tom and I started to create a list of all the words/phrases that Sawyer can say. Here it goes (in no particular order):
1) Mum (Mom)
2) Daddy
3) Mie Mie (Grandma)
4) Papa (Grandpa)
5) Please
6) Thank You
7) Popcorn
8) Juice
9) Tractor
10) Bird
11) Water
12) Ava
13) Treyton
14) Mason
15) Oh Baby
16) Poo
17) Hot
18) No
19) No Hot (telling us his food is not hot)
20) Duck
21) Dog
22) Woof Woof
23) Deer
24) Car
25) Truck
26) Help Me
27) Out
28) Tomato
29) Where are you
30) There you are
31) Nose
32) Ear
33) Shoes
34) Ball
35) Uh Oh
36) Oh No
37) More
38) Boat
39) Bye Bye
40) Hi
41) Wow
42) Moon
43) Bubbles
44) Ride
45) Rainbow
46) Diaper
47) Garbage
48) Toes
49) Peanut Butter (which means any type of berry)
50) Peek – a –boo
51) Pizza
52) Slide
53) Mail
54) Sawyer
55) Ready, Set, Go
56) Lexie
57) Warm
58) Cow
59) Owww (Ouch)
60) Helicopter
61) Cheese
62) Where’d it go
63) Frog
64) House
65) Chair
66) Firetruck
67) Bike
68) Choo Choo
69) Potty
70) House
71) Chicken
72) No More
73) More Papa
74) Towel
75) All Done

Happy Golden Birthday Sawyer!!!

HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY SAWYER!!! We are so proud of you!!! Growing up there were a couple of phrases that my siblings and I would hear from my father; "born winner" and "champion". Sawyer I want you to know that you are the same exact thing. You were born a winner and you most definitely are a champion!!! Your ambition to learn has blown our minds. We also love your passion for adventure (motorcycle, bicycles, 4-wheelers, etc.); nothing seems to get in your way of living life to the fullest.

The day started with corn bread and syrup for breakfast. We tried to get you to blow out your candle but you were still scared from what happened at your birthday party (you touched the flame). That's okay though I blew the candle out for you.

You had your two year check-up today at the doctor. When we came home you went to the freezer and pulled out the strawberries (you call them "peanut butter"). You now weight 29 lbs 9 ozs (69.88%), 36" tall (88.06%) and your head is 50 cm (82.90%).

For lunch we went to Culver's because you were able to get a 2 scoop sundae FREE! You had oreos and strawberries (peanut butter) on your sundae and your daddy and I shared a strawberry shortcake.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mason is 1 month old!

Yesterday Mason turned a month old; where did the time go? He is now 22" long (the 75th percentile), weighs 11 lbs 6 ozs (the 90th percentile) and his head is 35 cm. Mason has blessed our family so much! He already has many characteristics being:

Patience - knowing that Tom and I have to take care of him and his brother.
Contentment - while awake just looking around at his home and family.
Lovable - he will cuddle with anyone.
Tough – he handles hugs and kisses from his big brother very well.

He is just PERFECT!

Today I finally gave in and got a Moby Wrap - I LOVE IT (Mason loves it too)! Tonight I have already picked up my kitchen, checked my email, looked at our family photos that we just got done on Monday online, checked my facebook and am updated this blog all while Mason is snuggled up next to me!