Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

I love Easter! Easter for me is tied with Christmas for being my favorite holiday. It has so much meaning and is truly special to us for we are reminded that we are saved by His grace! Seriously, does it get any better than that?!!! It's because of the love that Christ had (and has) for us that we are free and are able to spend eternity with Him and the only thing we need to do is accept. That is what I call Amazing Love!

Started our weekend celebration with enjoying some Hot Cross Buns on Good Friday. I have never had these before and they were on sale at the grocery store so I thought we would give them a try. They made for a great conversation starter with the boys about the Cross and what happened on Good Friday. As for the taste they were just okay, the frosting on the top was the best part.

Then yesterday by heading to Culver's. I received an email stating that there was going to be an egg hunt with candy and FREE scoop tokens in the eggs. I am not one to promote and push egg hunts for my boys because I don't ever want to replace the true meaning of Easter but FREE scoop tokens; we packed up the boys! When we got there it was not what Culver's advertised for there were no eggs and no free scoop tokens it was just candy sprinkled around on the restaurant floor. I think the boys still enjoyed it but I think we will pass next year.

We then invited Grandma Annie, MieMie and Papa over to join us for dinner. We had Pineapple Mint infused water, Maple Brown Sugar Ham, Sweet Potatoes cooked in Coconut Oil, Bake Potatoes drizzled with Olive Oil, Bacon wrapped Asparagus, Rolls and Carrot Cake for dessert; Grandma Annie also brought custard from Culver's! Everything was super yummy! After dinner we had fun relaxing, hanging out and playing Candy Land; MieMie and Papa even read a couple of bedtime stories before they left.

This morning before church we had to collect our special eggs that the Grove St Bunny leaves for us every year! Daddy had to work today so once we got home the boys and I all took a little nap and spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out and running races in our basement.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Love & Pray!

Today Mason just randomly threw himself on the floor and starting screaming and crying. I was not sure as to what happened but it didn't appear that any "major" fighting was going on between him and his brothers. I kind of just sat him back up and said, "You're Okay" and walked away. I went to the bathroom and I could hear him still screaming and crying and coming closer. When I opened the door after I was done he was then laying on the floor continuing on with his tantrum. Not knowing exactly what to do I picked him up, crawled onto my bed and snuggled with him. The screaming and crying instantly stopped. After blood pressures were quickly coming back down I thought to myself how often I pray for my children alone or silently in my head but never out loud to them. As we laid there snuggling I just said a simple pray for him and to him. After all this event I was reminded how quickly and dramatically a little bit of Prayer and Love will change any situation!

Spring is Here!

Today it was 43 degrees outside and we took advantage of it. We are really ready for Spring to finally be here. This morning we went through the car wash and it was Carter's first time! He did great; his eyes would shoot from one side of the car to the other just trying to see what was going on and figuring out the new sounds.

Then this afternoon while Carter napped I took Sawyer and Mason outside to enjoy the sunshine! While I was cleaning out our car I looked over and this is what I saw. I will be honest I had that split second of anger that they were getting completely soaked and muddy and I was about ready to yell at them but then I saw them smiling and not fighting with each other! I decided to look at this moment in a different light; my boys are enjoying God's creation! They had the sun shining on their faces and water/mud soaking through their gloves and in their boots. Was their time outside cut shorter because they were cold? Yes but they came inside full of joy and happiness!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Learning to be NICE

Today was one of those days that Sawyer and Mason were really struggling to get along and I had enough. After they sat in time-out, again, I pulled out one of Tom's shirts. I started out by explaining to them how we need to be nice to people and treat others the way they would want to be treated and also went into how they are brothers forever and they need to work together as a team. I then put the shirt on them and said in order to get something done you need to work together; I then sent them downstairs to clean up their toys. Their first lesson was in the fact that Sawyer could not walk downstairs first because the shirt color would pull on Mason's neck and hurt him so we solved the problem together by both of them sitting on their butts, counting to three and then both moving together to the next step. The next challenge was picking up toys; once again Sawyer was going to fast for Mason so Sawyer had to learn to slow down and help Mason out. The entire shirt event lasted about 5 minutes but I think it got my point across because at the next fight they had I asked, "Do I need to get the shirt out?" and they both said, "No!" and they shaped up!