Friday, July 20, 2012

High Cliff Camping

Our first stop this camping trip was at Mud Creek Coffee in Stockbridge, WI; Tom and I fell in love with this little cafe/coffee shop. We arrived at our campsite #105 on Tuesday July 20 and we stayed until today (the 20th). It was a very exciting first night of camping. Right after we finished setting up our campsite and Sawyer and Mason doing a lot of rock climbing on the HUGE rock at our campsite we jumped into the truck to check out the rest of the campground. When we arrived at the lake we realized that due to the extreme heat of the summer the water was green and nasty so we crossed swimming off our agenda immediately. We then noticed the sky and how dark it was turning. We found a Park Ranger and he did not seem very concerned so we headed back to our campsite. Right when we got there the Park Rangers were already going through the campsite telling everyone to take shelter! We left the boys in the truck, secured all our belongings and headed out. We drove back to Mud Creek Coffee to have dinner; the people there were so nice and even allowed us to stay there past closing time just so we would be safe. We had a relaxing time visiting with them while they cleaned and drinking the coffee they were about ready to dump out. The worst of the storm had passed but it was still drizzling just a little bit so we continued driving South and visited Uncle Tony, Kaylee, Kennedy and Cameron (Aunt Rachel was just heading out the door when we got there to go to work).

Our second day there we enjoyed time taking hikes around the campground and enjoying the beautiful scenery of Lake Winnebago. We also went and visited Aunt Amber, Treyton, Alexa and Audrey. The kids had a lot of fun together running around and Sawyer loved wrestling with Treyton.

On the third day we headed up to Bay Beach in Green Bay and had a FUN packed day there as well. Aunt Amber, Treyton, Alexa, Audrey, MieMie, Emma, Ava, Cousin Marti, Lexie and Julia also joined us there. It was kind of a drizzy, cold day but we still had a blast. Afterwards we all meet Aunt Toni at Serious Burger for dinner.

The final day there we did some more walking around at High Cliff and even got Sawyer to climb the tower; Mason had no problem going to the top but Sawyer was much more cautious. After every camping trip we all come home tired and filled with lots of memories!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fish Catching and Relaxing at Home!

Today we spent the afternoon at Brian and Jane Cox's campsite. We had so much fun and of course I forgot to bring my camera. Their campsite is right next to a little pond that has little fish in it. Sawyer went fishing off the shore and caught his very first fish! It was a very exciting day!

Here are some other pictures for you to enjoy though:

Watching TV together! (07.13.12)

Carter's first time in his walker! (07.13.12)

Mason checking out my new shoes. (07.14.12)

Daddy and Sawyer the sleep twins! (07.15.12)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sawyer opening Birthday Presents

Due to our busy schedule, mostly camping, Sawyer opened his birthday presents from us today. Sawyer calls his LeapPad his computer and he LOVES working on it!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Annabeth Deich

On July 4th Uncle Ben and Aunt Holli had their second baby and we had another niece! We all fell in love with her immediately! Annabeth is so precious and super cute!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Timber Rattlers

Today we went to a Timber Rattlers game in Appleton, WI with Aunt Toni, Ken, Uncle Tony, Aunt Rachel, Kaylee, Kennedy and Cameron. Ken and Aunt Toni took Sawyer down to where the pitchers practice to warm up and Sawyer got a baseball handed to him! After the game Sawyer went around and got every players signature; he absolutely loved this! We had lots of fun and after the game we went to the Golden Corral to eat with Uncle Tony and his whole family.


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Family Camp at Spencer Lake Bible Camp

From July 2nd - July 7th we went camping with MieMie, Uncle Tim, Aunt Amber, Treyton, Alexa and Audrey. This was the HOTTEST week of the summer and it was miserable but we still had a blast! Tim and his family went home for a couple of days so that they could cool off and Tim could get some office work done. We braved it out though with MieMie. MieMie and I would drive around town in the truck just so that you boys could take your nap in Air Conditioning. It was so hot that the A.C. in the camper would not work during the day because it could not keep up.

Aunt Toni and Papa also came to visit us at our campsite. Daddy was able to join us camping the last two nights which was great! We had fun celebrating birthdays, attending church, playing video games, playing Miniature Golf, eating ice cream, playing in the water and just hanging out together as a family!