Thursday, January 31, 2013

January in a Nutshell

Watching MieMie and Papa getting pulled for expired license plate on our street! (01.13.13)

Carter charming us with his smile! (01.16.13)

Daddy and Mason playing on the iPad. (01.16.13)

Sawyer and Mason building a snow fort with Aubrie. (01.18.13)

Carter eating some Cuvler's custard with Mommy! (01.19.13)

Sawyer and Mommy playing Operation together! (01.19.13)

Mason waiting for Carter to open his birthday presents. (01.22.13)

The boys watching a movie together! (01.27.13)

Mason being Mason! (01.27.13)

Carter helping me clean up the floor. (01.29.13)

Eating Scramble Cheez It's with MieMie and Papa. (01.30.13)

Building a cardboard Noah's Ark with Daddy! (01.31.13)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday Carter Paul!

Last night we took one last picture of Carter being a baby; how time flies by. I woke up early to head to the gym and when I came home I found Carter in bed with Daddy and Daddy back sound asleep and then when I got out of the shower I walk out of the bathroom to discover all my boys snuggling together! Daddy took a vacation day so we had the entire day together to celebrate Carter turning 1! We had so much fun eating breakfast together, heading to Madison, opening presents (he got a toy chainsaw from us and his own special chair from MieMie and Papa), enjoying lunch with MieMie at Culver's, eating more cake and ending the day with everyone getting clean!

Carter has grown up so much in the past year and is keeping up with his brothers just fine. Carter is definitely one of a kind and we love it! He is our snuggle bug no matter when you pick him up or who picks him up he will snuggle right in for a nice long hug. He is a character and never ceases to make us laugh by his facial expressions or the little things that he does. He loves wet washcloths and sucking the water out of them, remote controls (drives Daddy crazy with that one), and playing with his tongue.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Carter's 1st Birthday Party

Today we celebrated Carter turning 1 year old early. Everyone was coming into town for the Schoessow Christmas/Gathering so we decided to combine the two parties together! The day was a lot of fun and everyone enjoyed the yummy cake! Carter was more interested in feeding his piece of cake to everyone than actually eating it on his own; he thought it was pretty funny to put his cake in other people's mouths! Last week we had some high temperature days so MieMie's hill ended up being all grass. Uncle Terry found some snow on the side of the house and decided to round up the kids and give sledding a try. Everyone had a lot of fun snow/grass sledding. For everyone else we just had funny hanging out. Uncle Brett and Ava played games on the phone, Ony and Titus enjoyed some cuddle time, Simon tried to figure out what was on Uncle Tom's face, Audrey and Uncle Timmy enjoyed loving on each other, Brenna enjoyed some popcorn and the adults enjoyed the time catching up with the latest news.