Monday, August 9, 2010


A month ago (July 11th) we went to Alexa's 2 year birthday party and had a BLAST!

Sawyer enjoyed playing in his cousin's (Treyton and Alexa) sandbox.

The Schoessow Cousins (Audrey, Treyton, Alexa, Sawyer, Mason, Ava, Emma and Brenna)

The Schoessow and Gascon Cousins!

There were six babies at the party all under the age of nine months!!! (Staring with Mason and going clockwise - Mason, Audrey, Tim & Amber's friend's baby - sorry I forgot her name, Lukas, Brenna and Peyton.

Sawyer giving his cousin Audrey a kiss - Papa was supervising to make sure Sawyer gave a gentle kiss ;)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mason is 2 months old!!!

A week ago Mason turned 2 months old - where has the time gone? When we became parents everyone told us not to blink because it went by so fast. We knew that was true after how fast Sawyer grew up before our eyes. With two kids now it seems like time is going by twice as fast.

Mason is doing so well!!!! His sleep pattern (generally speaking) is now eating at 8:00pm and then again at 9:30pm, falls asleep downstairs while watching daddy play PS3 and then up at 4:30am for his next feeding and then not again until morning!!! He falls asleep on his own (meaning we don't have to hold him). Often times we have him in his crib while he is napping and then we will go and check on him and he is awake - just perfectly content looking around his room! I really hate to compare Mason to Sawyer but he is absolutely nothing like his brother. I know that no two kids are alike but I guess I didn't realize you would notice the different personalities this early.

At his two month appointment he weighed in at 13lbs 10ounces and 24 inches long! He is in the 90th percentile for both categories and in the 50th percentile for his head measurement.

Daddy feeding Mason his first bottle ~ 07.12.10!

Mason's first piece of mail (his SS card) ~ 07.12.10!

Mason hanging out his crib ~ 07.16.10!

Mason's first time on his tummy ~ 07.23.10!

Mason just looking handsome ~ 07.25.10!