Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What a day...

I am posting this picture because I think it's beautiful and if I really focus on the picture it kind of helps me relax.

Yesterday I think started the spiral effect but everything turned out okay with that situation. I don't really want to explain much about it, but I will say that I am truly grateful for God's continual protection on our baby.

Then today came. The morning went great! We had a great family breakfast, play time, little projects done around the house and then gave daddy love as we sent him off to work. Sawyer and I then ate lunch at my parents and then we were headed to Wal-Mart for a couple of items. When we got in the car I noticed I missed a phone call from Tom at work. I checked my messages and it simply said for me to call him back; I knew it was seriously by the tone of his voice.

I called him back as I was driving to the store but when I was put on hold while the went to get Tom for me his HR person came on the phone and explained the situation to me and said that he was on the phone with the clinic. It was his "heart thing" again. I turned the car around and off to Grande Cheese we went. (Thank you mom so much for helping us out today and coming with me to get Tom's car from work and then watching Sawyer during his nap time.)

Tom said that it was his worst episode yet. Two hours later we had no answer; once again. They took more lab work and did an EKG on him. The EKG showed everything normal and we are still waiting on the lab work. They are now scheduling him to see a "heart doctor" and setting him up for a two-week event recorder (this is where he his heart is hooked up to the monitor and when he is having an episode he pushes the button and it records what is happening).

We both left feeling very defeated because we never can seem to get to the doctor fast enough for one of his episodes to happen while we are there. Sometimes I feel like they don't believe us because everything that they check it comes back completely normal.

His doctor wouldn't give him a note saying that he could return to work because of his feeling like passing out. He did give him a note saying that he was at the doctor's. Tom called work and then he found out that he had already been docked a point and it ruined his perfect attendance record (which was around 5 years). This now means he does not get an extra 4 hours of vacation this month. They also already called in another worker to cover for Tom. So since he lost a point, ruined his perfect attendance and his company was fully staffed for the time being he decided to stay home for the rest of the evening.

As we were going to leave my parents (after picking Sawyer up) my car wouldn't start. So then Tom had to jump-start my battery. It was an unbelievable day. We made the most of it this evening though. We had dinner together, Tom mowed the grass, we took a walk, tucked Sawyer into bed and now we are going to watch a movie together.

Thank you Lord for your continual protection!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

4 days with no daddy :(

On Thursday Tom left for his yearly trip to Talladega, AL for the NASCAR race. I was suppose to go to work that day but decided to stay home and see him off. (I asked Tom if he cared if I went to work the day he left and he said, "well I would like to see you on Thursday because I am not going to see you until Monday, but you can do whatever you want." That was enough for me to make me stay home.) I am so glad that I did stay home.

Tom didn't have to leave until 2:00pm for the airport (normally he leaves at 11:20am for work). We had a great time that morning just being together as a family. Not only did we have breakfast together (French Toast) but also lunch!!! After lunch I turned on the radio and one of the songs that I always dance with Sawyer came on (Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy); so Sawyer and I started dancing in the kitchen. When that song ended daddy came back into the kitchen after finishing up packing and saw that we were dancing. On the next song we all danced together - it was just such a sweet moment together.

We then decided to take some family photos together. (I was not overly excited even though it was my idea because of how horrible my eye has been looking and how rough Sawyer was looking with his skinned up nose, but Tom was pretty excited to finally be the good-looking one in the picture!) And here is what we came up with.

Then it was time for daddy to leave. When Tom told Sawyer he was leaving and said good-bye Sawyer took Tom by the hand/finger and walked him out the door. It was really precious.

Even though Sawyer and I miss daddy dearly we have been keeping ourselves busy. The first night we made ourselves some popcorn and curled up together and watched TV. Then the last two mornings we have been busy finding great deals at garage sales!

We LOVE you daddy and we can't wait to see you on Monday!
Mommy, Sawyer and Baby

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sawyer Update

I am getting so much done because he is actually taking a nap in his big boy bed all by himself!!!!!!!!!!!!

In other news - Monday night was not a good night for us. I think between both Sawyer and mommy being tired (from lack of naps), control issues and then I think Sawyer getting an ear infection; the night was just really rough. I ended up calling Papa for rescue me. I had a lot of ear infections when I was little and my mom would always put this home remedy (baby oil and tea tree oil) in my ears and it be better by morning. Papa came over then realized what he had was extremely old then went to the store and found some ear-drops. THANK YOU PAPA!!!

Papa comforting Sawyer during his misery. They are like two peas in a pod.

On Tuesday I went to work so Sawyer was off to the sitters! When I went to pick him up my heart was over-flooded with proud for my little boy. Tom and I didn't care whether we had a boy or girl we just prayed for an adventuress kid. We want our children not to be scared of trying new things and to live life to the fullest! Well on Tuesday he did by playing so hard he got a scraped nose. I know this sounds like I am a bad parent. Yes it breaks my heart to know he got hurt but I am proud of him for taking risk and not letting fear get in his way!!!

Sawyer's first scrapped nose.

32 weeks

On Monday I had my 32 week check-up. We did not find out any further information regarding the placenta previa due to the ultrasound not being until today (see below for further details on that). Everything else though looked good. I got to hear the heartbeat which was about 140-150 beats per minute. I am measuring at 35 weeks; no wonder I feel huge! In a way though I am grateful for measuring bigger in hopes that my baby is bigger. Due to the high chances of having the baby early the more weight on the little one the better. I did get my lab results back from my last appointment and I am low on iron (I was anemic with Sawyer as well). I was at 32 and the normal range is between 35-37; so I wasn't way off but still enough to be considered anemic.

This is me at 32 weeks.

And this is Tom 32 weeks into the pregnancy.

Today was our ultrasound appointment. I still have the complete placenta previa. This far into the pregnancy the chances of the placenta moving are extremely low. Tom and I have become okay with this and know that we are in God's hands. We are just so thankful for the healthy baby growing inside of me! Our Dr has started talking about when the c-section will be but nothing has been set in stone yet. The baby otherwise today looked great! His/her heartbeat was at 143 beats per minute and it's little chin was just a moving today. We (Tom and I) are also reconsidering the names we originally had picked out - so we will see.

I know this isn't the greatest picture but what can you do. This picture shows the baby's face. So imagine the baby laying on his/her side then to the right/middle side of the picture is the eyes then moving left is the nose and mouth. Can you see it?!!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Big Boy Bed

Thursday April 15th was the first night we put Sawyer into his Big Boy Bed!!! This is him getting ready for bed in his pj's that said "Saving the world all before bedtime"!

We did our normal routine but Sawyer was pretty nervous. I have to give Tom credit though; I was about ready to give up and just put him in his crib but it was Tom who comforted him and laid him down.

Tom and I were so proud of Sawyer for staying in his bed the entire night!!! We sneaked into his room in the morning to see how he was sleeping and then left his door open. I then made waffles for breakfast so that we could all enjoy a celebration breakfast together. While Tom and I were eating Sawyer woke up, got out of his bed and came running down the hallway with the biggest smile on his face; it's a moment we will treasure forever!

Then for Friday we took on adventure of laying him down for his nap since bedtime went so well. Nap time did not go so well. He got out of his crib (we watched him on the video monitor) and I went back into his room two more times to relay him in his bed. After that though we just left him be thinking he would just fall asleep on the floor. We thought wrong - he ended up playing in his room for two hours which is impressive considering there are no toys in his room. The picture is of Tom trying to see him under the door.

After his two hour "quiet time" we discovered what he was doing during that time. He had both arms out of his sleeves and up through his neck-hole. And then we will let the rest of the pictures speak for themselves; basically whatever he could get his little paws on - he did. When we walked into the room he was kneeling on the floor with both arms in his garbage can (the insert was taken out of his room as you can see from the above picture so it was just the outside of the can) so of course not only did we clean up the room but we had to clean Sawyer up as well.

Then came Friday night. I was gone to a girls night out to watch a chick flick with a bunch of ladies from my church. Let's just say it didn't go the greatest but I am super proud of Tom for not giving up! Sawyer did end up sleeping in his bed after Tom added to his bed.

On Saturday we did not try nap time in his bed only because I was away at a MOPS Leadership Summit and Tom went visiting (Sawyer got to see his Grandma Annie, Great-Grandma Fakes, Great-Grandma Deich, and some old friends of his daddy's) so he napped for about 45 minutes in the car.

Saturday night bedtime went really well. Tom and I decided to spend more time during the bed time routine in his room which meant reading more stories. He laid right down and never tried getting out! Tom and I enjoyed our evening with popcorn, root-beer floats and watching the Bill Cosby show.

Today (Sunday) nap time was still a struggle. I laid him down and walked out of the room. As I watched on the monitor he figured out how to remove the boards and then get out of his bed. So back in I went. I picked up him and calmed him down by singing to him and he started to fall asleep in my arms. I proceeded to lay him down and he woke up so I picked him back up and sang a couple of more songs. Once again he woke up after I laid him down. Then I crawled into bed with him (yeah I am sure that was a sight to see - a big preggo mamma climbing over the railing with a 21 month old in her arms). He fell asleep and I tried to sneak out of his bed but he woke up, but I kept walking out the door and closing it behind me. He got out bed and never went to sleep. He did still have his "quiet time" though. When I went into get him he had taken off his pants (first time ever - is this a sign of getting close to potty training?!!!) and was laying on his back with one leg in his garbage can up in the air. He saw me and said "Hello" with a smile on his face; it was pretty cute. Then it was off to cleaning up Sawyer again.

Tonight I proceeded with the same method as Saturday night. He has now been sleeping for the past 30 minutes!!!!

Tomorrow for nap time I am going to hang blanket over his curtains to make it really dark in his room and see if that will help.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


I have always been trying to get Sawyer to become on of those kids who can sit down with his breakfast or snack and watch a movie. I know the "perfect" mom would never do that because she wants to spend every moment with her child. However, 30 minutes of quiet and an uninterrupted shower or going to the bathroom all by yourself just sounds lovely to me!!! Sawyer though has not yet become "addicted" to the TV. The only time he will want to watch a movie is when he is in Gr-Ma van (she has a DVD player).

There is one movie though that we own that Sawyer will take a break from playing for 5-10 minutes and watch. It's a movie that Gr-Ma bought for him a long time ago. Tom and Sawyer think it's the greatest movie ever - I think it's rather boring (I will admit though I have learned a lot from it). It's a John Deere movie that is live footage of different tractors working - that is all it is.

This morning I came home from grocery shopping and Tom said "Honey you have got to see this". What can I saw but that Sawyer loves his tractors!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Baking a Pie

One day before Tom left for work I decided to bake a pie while Sawyer was occupied playing with daddy. Just as I was going to start rolling out the crust the boys came upstairs. Sawyer then crawled up on the chair to see what I was doing. He put his hand in the flour and I let him because who seriously likes eating flour. Tom and I both could not believe it when he started eating one handful of flour after the next. I don't think he would have stopped - so after we took some pictures we put the flour away.