Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

I recently read an article that challenged us women to be the ones to put the extra effort into Valentine's Day. Tom and I normally do not participate in Valentine's Day but after reading the article I thought it would be fun to "Date" my hubby! I will be honest though it's not hard to "date" my hubby; I am absolutely in Love with him that I just love doing anything and everything with him! I am also extremely proud of him but who wouldn't be when you see him doing this regularly! (See photo below)

Every day for 14 days I put out a little item for him with a little note attached!
Day One: 02.01.13

Day Two: 02.02.13

Day Three: 02.03.13

Day Four: 02.04.13

Day Five: 02.05.13

Day Six: 02.06.13

Day Seven: 02.07.13

Day Eight: 02.08.13

Day Nine: 02.09.13

Day Ten: 02.10.13

Day Eleven: 02.11.13

Day Twelve: 02.12.13

Day Thirteen: 02.13.13

Day Fourteen: 02.14.13