Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy 5 months Mason!

Dear Mason,

Words cannot express the love that I have for you. It amazes me that how you (only being 5 months old) have taught me so much. You are a constant reminder of what contentment and patience means. Your spirit always encourages me; I pray that you never lose who you are. You have joy (your smile is contagious), patience (you know that sometimes I am stretched in two different directions and you just wait for me), contentment (you are perfectly fine playing by yourself) and love (I will never forget the smile that you have when you are with your brother).

You have been an incredible blessing to our family! I am so blessed that God choose me to be your mommy and I will be forever grateful for it. This past month you have grown so much! You can now roll from your back to your tummy going both ways (left and right) and can even roll from your tummy to your back. You are really beginning to talk; which I love listening to your stories. You also make the best "raspberries" sound ever! You are also now sitting in your high chair and eating cereal (first time was just yesterday).

I Love You Baby Mason!

You are incredibly handsome!!! (October 17th)

You and Sawyer have so much fun playing with each other. (October 26th)

Sawyer feeding you your first spoonful of cereal! If you look at Sawyer's mouth you can tell that he is telling you to go "ahhh". (October 29th)

You giving mommy "raspberries" while she was trying to take your picture.

Watching mommy work in the yard. (October 30th)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Whistling Straits

Tom had the great opportunity to golf at Whistling Straits on Thursday October 14th. When he came home on cloud #9! He had so much fun and even golfed a 97 - that's really good for golfing on a PGA course!

Yup those are sheep.

Tom, Caddy David and Chad

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mason's having more "1st"!

This is Mason's first time in his Johnny Jumper (October 9th)! He sure did it - here his brother is pushing him.

On October 10th Sawyer feed his brother a bottle for the first time.

A little help here mom! The reason why the instruction manual tells you to strap your child in. ;)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fire Station

This past Saturday (October 9th) the Portage Fire Station had an open house. We were able to climb around in the fire trucks and look around. Sawyer then got a balloon and a fire hat!

We then for a beautiful country drive to see all of the gorgeous tree colors. We stopped at Owen's Park only to discover Papa and Mie Mie there as well. When we first got there the boys were sleeping. We had my parents take a picture of Tom and I with the trees and then the boys woke up so we also got a family picture as well!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Tom/Daddy turns 32!

Tom turned 32 on September 26th. We started the day by going to church together. Afterwards we came home to open presents, eat a quick lunch, put the boys down for their naps, and then out to eat in Madison for dinner - well that was the plan I told Tom. ;)

Sawyer and Mason got daddy the game Washer Toss which he fell in love with when he was introduced to the game at our church picnic.

I got Tom the "Final Pitch" picture of the Milwaukee County Stadium.

After gift openeing is when the real party started. I had planned a surprise party for him. When his third friend randomly showed up at our house - he finally figured it out! He was very surprised and had a ton of fun on his birthday!

Corn Maze

We went to Treinen Farms in Lodi, WI to conquer the HUGE corn maze that was in the shape of a Gecko. It was a beautiful fall day

Sawyer is helping Mason smile for his picture. What a good big brother! ;)

Daddy was our fearless leader through the maze and he did a GREAT job!

This was a HUGE slide that was a TON of fun!

When Sawyer saw the tractors (there was about 5 of them) he had to ride them all. This was definetely his favorite part of the whole day.

On the way back home we took a ride on the ferry. This is the same ferry that Grandma Annie operated and Tom remembers riding on it all day when he went to work with her.

*This family fun day happened on September 25th, 2010*

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mason keeps on growing!

Mason had his 4 month check-up today. He is now 25" long (48.8%), his head measures 43cm (66.70%) and he weighs 18lb 7 oz (96.32%). He also got 4 shots today which is always hard but Sawyer stood by his side watching the nurses to make sure they did it right and then after they were done and putting the bandaids on him Sawyer said "sticker!".

Friday, October 1, 2010

Flood of 2010

Recently Portage, WI actually hit the National News. The Wisconsin River broke the record (set back in 1938) for being 20.5 feet high.

In this picture you will notice rocks and tree tops. Normally you are able to walk down the rocks to the trees and then that is where the river is.

The street is flooded.

The river almost up to the Hwy 33 bridge.

Where did the street go?

A moment in history.