Friday, July 29, 2011

Trip to Southern IL

My cousin was having a bridal shower in Vienna, IL so Mie Mie and I packed the boys up and off we went! Our first stop was in Salem, IL where we ate supper with my friends Dave & Jenna Hilgers.

Once we got to the hotel we let the fun begin! Who knew a hotel closet could provide free entertainment?!

We stopped at a mall to walk around for a little bit and of course Sawyer convinced Mie Mie for money to take a little ride.

Luggage racks = always a good time!

On our way home we stopped at an Amish Barn that was filled with little shops and a restaurant.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

D5 #4

For our D5 day we went to Olbrich Gardens to see the Blooming Butterflies. We brought a picnic lunch and ate it at the picnic area by the main entrance before we started.

Both Tom and I were impressed with how much Sawyer got into finding and matching the butterflies that he found with the sheet that Olbrich Gardens provided us.

After seeing all the butterflies we decided to walk around outside and enjoy the little paths and beautiful flowers.

It was extremely hot and humid so we were thankful to see some water; just looking at it kind of cooled us off.

Afterwards we went to Michael's Frozen Custard and enjoyed a special little treat!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Learning about the 4th

On the 4th of July Tom had to work so I thought it would be fun to teach Sawyer about the 4th of July. My main attempt was to get him familiar with fireworks because he hates them. We are trying to get him to not be so scared of them so we played some fun activities that involved pictures of firecrackers.

He first had to trace the dotted line (in various line shapes) from the firecracker to the "boom".

He then had to play a dice game. Each time he tossed the dice he had to put an "x" on the piece of paper with the picture that matched.

He then took 5 American Flags (there was also a set with a picture of a Firecracker on it that he did as well) and put them in order from smallest to largest.

Our final activity involved circling the picture that was different from the other three pictures.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July

I must say that these are the two cutest little fire crackers ever!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Sawyer!

Yesterday Sawyer turned the big 3!!! We started the day of celebration with waffles for breakfast and learning how to hold up three fingers.

Mason was also pretty excited about Sawyer's big day.

Sawyer was then able to open his present from us which was a Hot Wheels track.

I am not really sure who enjoyed the Hot Wheels track more, Daddy or Sawyer. They played for a long time and made a lot of memories of sending cars flying through the air.

He then opened his present from Dave and Jenna. The present also included a Cars book and bookmark. The boys, Sawyer and Mason, have had a ton of fun in this pop up tent. There has already been a lot of wrestling matches inside.

Next on the agenda was a first Daddy and Sawyer date going golfing! Sawyer was very excited to go golfing with Daddy.

They played nine holes at Pine Trails and at the end of the ninth hole Sawyer was ready to still continue on to the next hole.

When Sawyer came home he made sure that he informed me that he rode in the cart; that is pretty big stuff you know!

Two very happy men after golfing. Tom said that he let Sawyer keep his own score. After each hole Tom would ask Sawyer what his score was and he would just through out a number; I guess he does take after me!

Today Mie Mie and Papa came over for supper to give Sawyer his present. Words can't even describe the look on Sawyer's face; priceless!

Several times Sawyer had to check under the hood to make sure everything was working good.

Both boys loved cruising up and down the sidewalks of Grove St!