Thursday, January 27, 2011

Christmas Projects

These are the "Snappy Bags" that I made for the Steering Team (Leadership Team) of our Portage MOPS group.

This is a wrap that you put around you coffee cup! This one was for my sister.

A Giant pillow (Sawyer calles it a tire) that was for Brenna.

This "tire" was for Audrey.

This is a tablerunner that I made for my mom's craft apartment.

This is a fabric matching game called "Don't Forget". Ava and Alexa both got a set.

This set of goodies was for my sister in-law, Amber.

I then made myself a gift!

Friday, January 14, 2011

My man!

I want to dedicate this post to my amazing husband, Tom! He has just been totally rocking it as not only a father but a husband. I am so incredibly blessed that God gave me Tom. I will be honest that Tom is not what I had pictured when I imagined my future husband, but obviously God knew what I needed better than what I knew.

Last weekend we purchased a TV for my craft room. So on Monday Tom had off of work so him and Sawyer went to the "man store" (Menard's) to buy a shelf while Mason and I went grocery shopping and ran errands. That day he put up my new shelf and hooked up my TV. Normally Tom doesn't get home until 10:00pm so I have my one show a week that I watch on Monday nights at 9:00pm while I eat ice cream. It's my little "me" time. At 8:40pm I told Tom "oh my show is on tonight" to which he responded "college football is on tonight". I then said "well now what? well I guess we do have two tv's now". I finished cleaning up the kitchen and Tom went downstairs. I then soon followed to turn on my show only to find Tom sitting my craft room watching college football so that I could have the big comfy couch and the big tv to watch my show. Gotta love him!

I go to the gym in the mornings with my mom. I will leave before the boys (all three of them) are up, but by the time I get home Tom will usually (about 90%) will have breakfast ready for us to eat. He makes some mean eggs!

Last night I waited up for Tom to come home from work. It was about 10 minutes after 10 and he wasn't home yet so I just figured he had to work late and went to bed. I then woke up when he crawled into bed which was about 11:30pm. I asked him if he had just gotten home to which he then informed me that he had been home for about an hour and even feed Mason. I asked him why he feed Mason and he informed me that he was crying. I never heard a thing. So my incredible husband let me sleep while he went through the extra work of un-thawing and warming up milk for Mason to feed him instead of waking me up. Thank you Honey!

This morning Tom and I were talking while also multi-tasking with the boys. I was feeding Mason his cereal and then Sawyer asked for his nose to be cleaned so Tom was getting toilet paper (we don't have any Kleenex right now). When Tom came back into the room (we are still talking at this point) he held the toilet paper up to my nose and stood there. When he realized I wasn't blowing he looked at me and then realized that I wasn't Sawyer. We had a pretty good laugh.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Potty Training!!!

On January 8th Sawyer sat on the potty for the 1st time!!! He has known the whole potty concept for awhile now but just would not sit on the potty. When we would try to get him to sit on the potty but he would tense up and become straight as a board. Tom was able to get him to sit on the potty one night while getting ready for bed. Tom refused to put a clean diaper on Sawyer until he sat on the potty. Sawyer sat in his room for a little while and then came running out of his room and into the bathroom.

He only sat on the potty for about 15 seconds and then he was ready for his diaper. Tom and I very excited though with his progress of just sitting on the potty.

Then on January 10th Tom did it again! He was getting Sawyer ready for bed and sat in the bathroom with Sawyer for what seemed like forever but really was probably only about 5 minutes trying to convince Sawyer to sit on the potty. Well not only did he sit on the potty but he went wee wee!!!

Then yesterday he still wore his diaper but we (meaning Tom and Mie Mie - I was at work) kept putting Sawyer on the potty all day long. He went two times for Daddy in the morning, once for Mie Mie and then once for me when I came home. He were extremely proud of him!

And now Today!!! Daddy put Sawyer's big boy underwear on and we set the clock. I was excited about today because we had nothing going on all day and knew we could really focus on the potty. The timer went on and every 25 minutes we were in the bathroom going potty. All said and done Sawyer went wee wee on the potty 22 times and only had 2 accidents!!!! The other exciting part was that Sawyer even told me 4 times when he had to go potty before the timer even went off!!! It was also really cute that when Sawyer would be on the potty he would look down and say "coming?!" and then once he started to go wee wee he would then say "there it is!". Today was a lot of work and not only made me tired but Sawyer as well ;)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Schoessow Family Christmas

On January 1st we celebrated Christmas with the Schoessow and it was held at Mie Mie and Papa's house.

To start the day off we played a couple games of Twister. It was Tom and I versus Mie Mie (Mommer) and Treyton. Tom and I won!

We then had to discover who was the strongest. It started with Treyton wanting to know who was stronger; Papa or his dad (Uncle Tim). The results came in with Uncle Timmy as the winner. It was then between Treyton and Mommer, Treyton and Aunt Amber (his mom) and then Treyton and Emma.

Mie Mie had a craft project planned for the older kids. They sure did have a lot of fun decorating their clay pots.

After we ate we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus over Cars cupcakes.

Sawyer and Daddy helped Mason open his present from Papa and Mie Mie - it was a Big Scoop John Deere!

After all the presents were open there was one HUGE paper fight!

Happy Birthday Jesus from the Schoessow family!