Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Hanging out with Audrey & Titus

Today MieMie watched Audrey and Titus while their family went to a water park. MieMie thought it would be fun if we all went to the splash pad together but due to the heat I had a different idea in mind. Set up the little pool on the patio and watch the kids from inside in the air conditioning! Carter and Titus loved playing together; Carter is only 8 months older than Titus. Sawyer was super entertained by carrying Titus around because he just couldn't get over how light he was. It was a great, fun and relaxing day!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Mason being Mason

Mason has brought so much joy into our family! He is one confident little boy who is content being himself!

Mason showing off his guitar playing skills! (08.07.13)

Here is Mason building. As I watched him play by himself I was so impressed by his imagination and his seriousness in the work that he was doing. (08.16.13)

I have no words for this one except why wouldn't you want to sweep with no pants on! (08.18.13)

Once again Mason is always extremely serious in any project that he is doing. He concentrated so hard on cutting his piece of paper and did an amazing job handling his scissors for the first time. (08.26.13)

Uncle Jim will collect John Deere literature for the boys and then mail it to them. Tonight when I checked on the boys one last time before I went to bed I discovered that he fell asleep studying up on the new John Deere tractors! (08.26.13)

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Timber Rattlers Game

Today we went to a Timber Rattlers Game with Aunt Toni and Ken; we always have such a great time when we are with them! After the game we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for some yummy food. Ken and Sawyer had fun playing Tic-Tac-Toe; Sawyer is really good and it's kind of tough to beat him.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Carter's 1st Urgent Care Visit

Tonight Carter was walking into the dinning room and fell right into the wooden pole that connects the legs at the bottom of the chair. Of course Tom was at work when these things happen. I usually do pretty good with injuries but there is just something about a bleeding wound from the head that I get nervous about; there is just always so much more blood and worried about the brain. I ran over to him, picked him up, ran him to the bathroom all while saying to myself out loud "You can do this, You can do this". Once I got the bleeding to stop I finally looked at the wound and I was not sure if he would need stitches or not. I called my Mom who was actually with my Uncle Ron camping and after sending them picture they determined that he may need stitches. They advised me to keep ice on it to keep the swelling down. Of course Carter was not going to let me do that so I put him in the tub and tried to just run cool water over his wound since he does love water.

After that I called my neighbors to see if they had any butterfly bandages; no one had any at the time. My one neighbor, Amanda Steinle, came over to try to help me rig up a bandage that would work. With his small head and big wound we didn't have much luck. We decided to walk Carter over to her house to have Chad, he's a Sheriff, to look at it; he confirmed that he would take him in to the Doctor.

Once Tom came home and looked at it as well he also thought Urgent Care would be best. When they got there the nurse even said that it was about a 4 stitch worthy wound. We are not big fans of stitches so we requested the glue. They ended up using two tubes of glue on it. Tom said that Carter was awesome; he never moved the entire time!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Precious Moments

Life in our home is crazy but there are so many little moments of memories that make you smile!

On August 17th the boys decided that they needed to expand D5 Dairy Farm, LLC. We now have a bridge to connect the farm to the field table that is in our toy room!

Today I caught Carter and Mason sitting next to each other very peacefully just watching the sprinkler going back and forth!

Who doesn't love a good mustache!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Merrick State Park Camping

We headed back to Merrick State Park because we just loved it so much. We also thought it would be nice to actually check out the rest of the campground since the last time we were there over half of it was flooded. We were on site number 7 this time.

Our first stop was going back to Suncrest Gardens in Cochrane. We all really enjoy ourselves there. Tom and I love being able to sit and relax, the boys love all the play sets and everyone agrees that the pizza is incredible! It was then back to the campsite for everyone's favorite; S'Mores! On Saturday there was a special town event, I think it was a fishing competition, going on so we went to check it out. There were craft booths and a park that the boys loved. We also hit up a couple of Geocaches in the area.

Tom had a brilliant idea of bringing the bounce house this trip; it really helped entertain the boys while we had to set up, tear down or while cooking dinner. It also created a great down time for me to do some reading! The boys also worked hard on their books the State Park gave us so that we can earn badges. On Sunday we went to church at Pleasant Valley Church in Winona, MN again. We really enjoy finding unique and local coffee shops wherever we go camping and The Acoustic Cafe was a favorite!

It was a very relaxing weekend and we highly enjoyed our time in that area again. We found lots of geocaches, created great memories, said said our good-byes to Ron & Caroline and then headed back home!