Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Lambeau Field

Today Tom and Uncle Ben took Sawyer, Mason and Simon to Lambeau Field to watch the Green Bay Packers practice! When they came home it was really hard to tell who had more fun; the boys or Daddy! Tom said they had a great time! They were able to get awesome seats to watch the practice and take a tour of Lambeau Field. The boys were so good that Tom let them get a couple of goodies at the gift shop and go out to eat afterwards. We now have footballs with the Green Bay Packers logo on it and the boys will not stop talking about the Pack and playing football! I am so glad that they were able to have this awesome day together.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

God's Painting!

I will never forget the morning when Sawyer was younger and he came running into our room yelling, "GOD'S PAINTING!" I rolled out of bed to see what he was talking about and he showed me the beautiful sunrise. We need to really learn to slow down, stop and enjoy the beauty that God created just for us to enjoy! This was the sunrise in our backyard this morning; breathtaking!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Wyalusing State Park Camping

We just got back from camping at Wyalusing State Park (Site #111) for 4 nights and it was absolutely beautiful! We are already planning on coming back next year. We had such a wonderful time relaxing, hiking, enjoying God's creation and making memories!

MieMie and Papa joined us for the first two nights and it was wonderful; camping with them always makes things easier with the boys! The first night we were there the campground played the movie "A Bug's Life" which we ended up being the only ones there! We then watched the sun set. The sunrises and sunsets left your speechless! We attempted to find our very first geocache with MieMie and Papa but had no luck. After MieMie and Papa left we ended up trying to find that one again and after Tom went off the trail for about 10 minutes he finally found it! We also went into town to check out Cabela's and get ice cream. While getting ice cream we found some really cool coon's hats for the boys!

Our last two days there with just the D5 clan we did some more hiking. We were just overwhelmed but how beautiful this park was. We found our official first geocache in a person's yard and were addicted ever since! During naptime one day we decided to take a little ride so that the boys could get some rest. Tom and I crossed the border to Iowa and discovered Pike's Peak State Park which was also beautiful. The park had this walk out ledge that you could go on that left you standing over the huge ledge that lead to the Mississippi River. Wyalusing State Park also had a great playground that we visited frequently.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sawyer's Swimming Lesson

Sawyer has been taking swimming lessons and it consisted of 8 lessons over 2 weeks. He was in the Red Class and did an awesome job! This is a huge improvement for Sawyer. The first 3 years he hated water and would scream even during a bath, then last summer he started to show some interest in water and this summer he passed his swimming class! We are super proud of him!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Pierce Open House

Today was the Pierce 100th Year Open House, where Uncle Ron works, and we were able to go! We had a BLAST! Uncle Ron, Aunt Beth, Papa, MieMie, Aunt Toni, Ken, Uncle Terry, Aunt Sandra, Emma, Ava, Brenna, Nolan, Uncle Tim, Treyton, Lexie and Audrey also went!

Before we left we made sure the boys had on the proper gear! Once we arrived there was so many activities and things to see. We fist took a tour of the plant where they make the firetrucks from beginning to end! After that we sat down to watch the Pierce Firetruck parade; Carter was not a big fan of all the sirens. Next we did all the activities and ate lunch! The boys were able to put out a fire, practice dialing 911, practice getting out of a burning house safely, meet Sparky the Fire Dog and have a ride in an old Firetruck where Mason got to sit up front with Aunt Beth and ring the bell! At the end of our day we picked up some free Pierce magazines and Mason fell in love!

Once we saw everything once, or twice, we headed out to relax at Uncle Ron's and Aunt Beth's house. We loved seeing their beautiful gardens and the boys loved playing in the hose in their underwear to cool off! Once we had regained our energy we meet up with Aunt Toni and Ken to eat at Nakashima's restaurant; the boys found this very entertaining!

It was a fabulous day being with family, learning new things and making awesome memories!