Thursday, September 30, 2010

Beautiful Fall Day

It was gorgeous outside today. We ended up going out to play. We first started with sidewalk chalk, then moved onto our Tonka trucks and moving rocks around and then we washed the car!!!

Mason is 4 months!!!

I can not believe how fast the last four months has gone. (I guess that is to be expected when you have a 4 month and a 27 month old.)

This is becoming your favorite place to be. Now that you are getting bigger you are not spending as much time in your crib. (We had you there because it was the safest place for you. Your brother loves you so much that he has a hard time figuring out what a gentle hug is.) You love sitting here because you can watch Sawyer. When you are in your chair Sawyer is able to bounce your chair, give you hugs, share his sippy cup with you, give you your pacifier and cover you up with a blanket. You absolutely love when Sawyer gives you attention; you just sit, watch and smile!

Yesterday (September 29th) you rolled over for the first time!!! I was at work, your daddy was at a doctor's appointment and Mie Mie was watching you. Mie Mie said that when you rolled over you just smiled! Then when your brother woke up you showed him how you could roll over as well; Sawyer just laughed. (Thank you Mie Mie for capturing this incredible moment for us on camera.)

Mason you have been such a huge blessing to this family. You have brought another whole dynamic into this home that only you were able to bring. You are the most content baby ever! You only cry when you are hungry. You can fall asleep on your own. You entertain yourself by just looking around or sucking on your thumb. You smile at everything and are love to be tickled under your chin. You are also becoming a little talker. Daddy and I LOVE laying on our bed with you and listen to all of your stories. Thank you Mason for being you!!!

We love you so much!
Daddy, Mommy and Sawyer

Friday, September 17, 2010

Days like today...

Today was a little rough. Mason was not himself, he actually required attention, and I was tired (which things never seem to go well when momma is tired). I have always tried to enjoy these moments when my boys are little because I know that someday they will no longer need me or live with me. At the moments that I catch myself starting to get frustrated at my once again messy house, lack of sleep, etc. I remind myself that someday I wish these moments back. Here are a few of the moments I will miss:

I will miss when Sawyer no longer thinks that helping mom clean is fun.

I will miss when my boys will no longer want to sit on the couch with me to watch the football game.

I will miss seeing those artistic hands at work and the mess they leave on my chair when he gets down.

I will miss not being able to sit on my own couch because my son has turned it into a farm.

I will miss all the little moments that Sawyer shows his love towards his brother.

I will miss when he no longer wants to hang out with mom and dad and listen about how our day went.

I will miss being able to put him somewhere and him still be there when I get back. (Disclaimer: I did not just randomly leave Mason outside - it was my last resort to try and get him to stop crying and for him to take his nap today; it worked!)

Miller Park

On Labor Day we went to a Brewer game with some family and friends (12 adults and 8 kids). It was a BLAST! Tom had been wanting to take Sawyer to a game all summer but we were nervous about his attention span and if he could stay in that one spot for 2-3 hours. Thanks to Mie Mie and her goodie bag he did GREAT! Mason had a great time as well taking naps, watching people, taking a nap, and watching people.

After the game they announced that children ages 2-12 were able to run the bases. We all jumped at this opportunity. When we got down to the field Sawyer did not want to let go of dad. So they let Tom go with him - I am pretty sure Tom enjoyed this way more than Sawyer ;)

After the game some of us hung out in the parking lot to eat the leftover tailgating food and wait for traffic to clear up. Sawyer was playing in Aunt Toni's truck but when it was time to go he did not want to get out. Tom hopped up there with him and Ken and Aunt Toni took them for a little ride in the parking lot.

Time Out

Last night I wanted to start Sawyer's bedtime routine. I had asked him to come over by me (I was sitting on his floor) that we could change his butt and put his jammies on. Sawyer, being the incredible staller that he is, started to do his show off tricks. Usually this consist of him running in circles, falling down, saying "oh" and just plain being goofy. Last night it was standing on top of his books. I asked him to not stand on his books and that he need to come by me to change his butt. I also told him that if did not listen he would get a time out.

He then got off his books but then started to run down the hallway. I then said firmly "Sawyer Allen" at this he came back running into the room and sat down by the wall. This is the same way at which he had his timeout the night before. It is now taking absolutely everything inside of me not to laugh or smile, but I asked him "are you in a timeout?" to which he replied "yeah!". I then said "okay then you sit there until you are ready to come here and get ready for bed". He then jumped up, came over by me, laid down on the floor and we changed his butt! I am still in shock that my 2 year old gave himself a timeout.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mason rolling over?

Last night Mason was laying on his play mat and Sawyer was playing with him. Well actually Sawyer was giving him hugs, then stealing Mason's pacifier, running away, wait for Mason to cry and then would give Mason back his pacifier saying "here you go Mason" as if he was the Big Brother Hero. At one point though Sawyer grabbed Mason's shirt on his side and pulled Mason so that he had rolled over. Sawyer then looked up at me and said "over" to which I replied "Mason rolled over?" and Sawyer said "yeah Mason rolled over". Of course Mason hasn't rolled over on his own yet - he has his big brother to do all the work for him!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How to melt a momma's heart...

As most of you may know I have had a rash type thing around my eye since January and the doctor does not know what it is. After I had Mason it started to go away but now it's coming back. It has really been bothering me today by this I mean it itches. Sawyer and I were doing our bedtime routine tonight when he noticed that I was rubbing my eye. He then pointed to my eye (actually he touched it) and said "kiss". He then leaned forward and kissed my eye and then say "all better".