Saturday, December 27, 2014

Schoessow/Deich/George Christmas 2014

Today we hosted the Schoessow/Deich/George Christmas! Even though one family was unable to come due to the flu, Tim & Amber's, we still had fun but sure did miss them. We started the festivities out by eating of course! The kids were so excited to see each other right away so they all went downstairs to get some playing time in and us adults took full advantage of eating in quietness and great conversation!

Once everyone did eat the adults announced who they had for their secret relative that year. Pops had Toni, Mom had Tom, Toni had Pops, Ken had Tim, Terry had Mom, Sandra had Ken, Tim had me, Amber had Sandra, I had Terry and Tom had Amber; it sure was fun getting spoiled and blessing someone else. Ken also gave Ava a gift to say sorry for the Spoons incident at Thanksgiving which we all still had a good laugh at retelling the story!

We then started on our Gingerbread House making contest! We had three different themes; Train Depot, Farm and a Castle. We took pictures of the final product texted them to Tim and Amber so that they could be the judges. The winner was the Train Depot; Team Pops but we demoted him due to him being stingy with putting on enough frosting so it became Team Emma and she won the prize!

There was plenty of time for foosball and legos of course before we ate lunch; salad, lasagna, yummy bread and apple crisp.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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