Thursday, December 25, 2014

D6 Christmas

Happy Birthday Jesus!

What a super fun and relaxing day; we even all took a nap!!! The boys were super excited to open their gifts; they each got nerf guns, legos, superhero costumes. Sawyer also got a crossbow, Mason received another nerf gun and Carter got a Spidey bouncy ball. I was also surprised by a gift from my friend Laci Jamison, two Devotional CD's! We also, as always, enjoyed opening our socks from Aunt Toni that she gets for us during her travels!

We enjoyed delicious pizza for lunch and a yummy birthday cake for dessert! Tom also did an excellent job serving us all sparkling grape juice in our super fancy cups! There was only one injury in the entire day; Mason fell off his chair.

It is always a great day when you are surrounded by your family, making memories, laughing together, building legos and having nerf gun wars!

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