Saturday, June 21, 2014

Baby Deich 8 weeks

I have been experiencing some pretty intense lower back pain, stomach cramping and just feeling off with this pregnancy. Last night while camping at Lake Kegonsa State Park the pain was so severe in the back followed by throwing up that we ended up loading up our sleeping boys at 11:30pm and headed home. By the time morning came I had decided that I could not take feeling this way any longer and called Dr. Strabel's office to schedule my first OB appointment. After telling the receptionist my pains she informed that my Dr was working today and wanted me to come in at 10:45.

When I arrived I had no idea that it would be 3 hours later until we figured out what was causing the pain. As I was telling my Dr how I was feeling she decided to measure my stomach. According to my calculations I was about 8 weeks along but I was actually measuring at 20 weeks. This started to create concern for her. She then tried to listen to the heartbeat but was unable to find one. After sending my down for some blood labs, 7 viles total, I was then sent to the hospital for an ultrasound. At this point she was concerned that perhaps the baby had stopped developing or I was carrying twins and they were still to small to hear the heartbeat.

At this point my nerves were starting to build up but I still assured Tom that he was fine not coming because we did not know what was going on. Tom was at a Golf Tournament with Ken and Tim. I am also super thankful for modern technology that I was actually able to send a quick text message to my whole family asking them to pray.

Once the Ultrasound Tech began the ultrasound his facial expressions started to concern me as well. He had a puzzled look on his face that I was not able to read whether it was good or bad. I then tilted my head to try and see the screen. He tilted the screen towards me and said, "Well we have two things going on. One, your baby is doing fine. Two, it appears you have a very large cyst on your ovary." I immediately was relieved to hear those words that my baby was okay! We checked out the baby first and what a little miracle he/she is! Baby Deich is measuring right at 8 weeks with a heartbeat of 167/minute. I was even able to pick out the heart fluttering away, it was amazing!

Onto the massive cyst on my right ovary. After looking at it further it was confirmed that it is on my ovary and it is so large that we could not even see my right ovary until we did the internal ultrasound. He informed me that a normal size cyst is about 1cm and a 2cm cyst will start causing pain and discomfort. I asked how large my cyst was and he measured it at 15cm! He admitted that he has seen them this large before but never on a pregnant woman. It is a Simple Cyst which means that it is filled with just fluid not making it cancerous.

The next step is going to an OB Specialist where they will insert a needle to remove the fluid from the cyst. After a roller coaster of nerves today I am sitting here extremely thankful for my healthy Baby and for the fact that it's just a simple cyst that can be easily taken care of! My God is good All the time!

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